OOTD: Styling a Grandma Skirt

Recently I bought a beautiful, long skirt in a second hand shop. If you’ve seen my thriftstore video, you have already seen this skirt. Today I wanted to show how I actually style it, because a grandma skirt isn’t an easy thing to style in a bit more modern way. Let’s get into it!

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Portugal Pictures 2019

Last week I returned from a beautiful holiday with my family to Portugal. We stayed in a resort near Albufeira and explored a big part of the Algarve by car. The surroundings and views are just gorgeous there, and I took a lot of nice pictures. When this post is published, I’m with my boyfriend in Prague, so I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of the previous vacation. So keep reading if you’d like to see some beautiful Portugal views.

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Video: My Favourite Thriftshop Finds

I really wanted to show all my amazing, thrifted clothing items, and I found that a written article just wouldn’t do them justice. So I picked up YouTube again and turned this idea into a video. Hope you like it!

Review: Action Makeup Brush Cleaner

Today I have a small review for you of one of my recent buys. I’ve always been intrigued by brush cleaners, but I never bought one because they are all pretty expensive. I just washed my brushes with shampoo and that worked just fine, but I did want to try out an actual brush cleaner once. So when I saw that Action sold budget cleaners, I knew I had to get one. Today I’ll tell you all about my experience with this brush cleaner.

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OOTD: The Most Hypebeast That I’ll Ever Be

If there is one clothing style that I’ll never really try, it’s the hypebeast look. It just isn’t for me, and that’s fine. However, I do like some brands and items that are popular in this type of street fashion, so I was very excited when I got a cute ‘hypebeast’ bag from my boyfriend. I just used it to make an outfit in my own style. If you want all the details on my outfit, keep reading!

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Small Action Beauty Haul with Reviews

One thing I love to do is to go to the Action and just pick some new beauty items that I can try out. The Action is perfect for this, because they have a mix of things that are amazing, and things that are less amazing, and the items are always cheap. Perfect to try out some new products. The last time I went, I bought a few new beauty items and today I’m reviewing them all. So if you love short reviews and budget-proof beauty products, keep reading!

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Limburg Pictures

Since I’m almost going on vacation to Portugal, I thought it would be a good time to post the final pictures of last year’s vacations. I already uploaded the Crete and Italy pictures, so check those out if you want, and today I’m showing you pictures I took in Limburg. Limburg is one of the Netherlands provinces, so it was nice seeing a different part of my own country. I took a few fun nature pictures, so keep reading if you want to see them!

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