2020 Vision: My Hopes and Plans for the New Year

Excuse my absence the past week. Since the start of the new year I’ve been trying to get my life in line again. Organizing and planning has never really been my strong point, so that’s what I’ve been working on the past days. Also, I have finals coming up so that has been on my mind more than the blog of course. So if you find yourself wondering where I am, I’m probably just spending my time studying. Oh well, now that’s out of the way, let’s get onto my plans for 2020. I always love setting goals and making resolutions, just to get my life straight a bit. Or at least feel like I’m getting my life straight. Let’s get into it!

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What I Learned and Accomplished This Year

It’s nearing the end of the year again, so it’s time for me to reflect on the year. Last year I reflected on a hectic year with lots of ups and downs. This year was a bit more on one line, a bit more regular, thankfully. Of course there were some ups and downs, but not major events, which was definitely good for my mental health. Well, let’s not blabber on for too long, let’s get into reflecting.

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My 2019 Playlist

I hope you all had a great Christmas, I sure did! Now Christmas is over, we’re going towards the end of the year, so it’s time to start wrapping things up so we can start with a clean slate. This year I thought it would be fun to wrap up the year by making a Spotify playlist with my favourite songs of this year. So, if you’re in for some musical times at the end of the year, keep on reading!

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Tutorial: Five Fun Makeup Looks for Christmas

Since it’s almost Christmas, I thought it would be a great idea to share some makeup ideas for you to wear to your Christmas parties. I have created five fun looks, ranging from simple Christmas glam to editorial ideas. So if you still need to figure out how you’re gonna do your makeup this Christmas, keep on reading!

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Review: Essence Crystal Power Eyeshadow Palette

Essence has been coming in hot with their eyeshadow palettes lately. Today I have for you the Crystal Power palette, one of their newest creations. I wasn’t really planning on getting this, but I received it in a giveaway package, so now I have it anyway. I have been playing with it these past days and I’ve formed some opinions on it, so today I’m reviewing it for you. Let’s get into it!

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Thoughts on Instagram Removing its Like Counts

Two out of my three Instagram accounts have recently been added to the Instagram test group. This means that I can’t see other people’s like counts anymore. When Instagram announced this was happening, I had a few thoughts about it. And now I’ve gotten to get used to this feature a bit, I have some more opinions on it. Let’s talk about it!

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GLOW 2019 Pictures

Since my boyfriend lives in Eindhoven, we always try to visit the events in the city. A couple weeks ago, it was time for GLOW again. It’s a free light festival through the city, where they plan a route for you, which you can walk to see all the amazing projects. It’s a lovely festival to spend an evening on, so I decided to take some pictures and show you how much fun it is. Let’s get into it!

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