Room tour: living on my own


Welcome back to my blog! Well, I could better say that to myself. It’s been a long time writing here, but I do want to say I’ve missed it. But now I’m back to do it even better. You probably may have noticed some changes (new layout, banner and language) and I’ve worked very hard to make everything look good again. I do hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Now, back to today’s article. Life has been hectic for me lately. I started my study on a university and I moved. Into a student room. On my own. So that’s kind of a big change. I now finally feel like I have my life and room together, so I thought it would be fun to give a little room tour.

So I moved into this room in September. It’s in a student flat in the beautiful city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. It’s very private, unlike other student houses I have seen. I have almost everything to myself, I just have to share the shower. We have four showers for our entire floor, so that’s quite okay. Let’s start.


This is kind of the view when you first enter the room. You enter through a little kitchen where my dad built a nice cabinet, which is so useful! I’m so glad it’s there, because I wouldn’t have know where to put all my stuff if it wasn’t.


In the kitchen is the door to my little toilet/bathroom. I’ve never been happier to have my own toilet than when I first got here. I’m still very happy though, don’t get me wrong! I’m also very much in love with my bathmat, because it’s so damn fluffy and soft on my feet! (Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of my lovely bathmat…)


And through the kitchen you enter the living-/bedroom. I wanted to kind of stick to a color theme, although that’s pretty hard if you have a lot of little knick-knacks like me. I tried to keep everything in a white/grey/black/mint color theme. The walls are a bit bare right now, but I plan to put up a lot of cool posters I still have laying around.


When you walk in the room, you first bump into my guitar and ukulele and my closet. It’s an old closet I got from a family friend and I’ve repainted it myself. I’m quite proud of the result. On top I have a radio and a tea area, because I drink a lot of tea (I’m not a coffee drinker).


Then you get to my dinner table/desk. This is where I study and eat, but that’s quite obvious. It’s a really spacious place and I love sitting here. In my old bedroom I never wanted to sit at my desk and I always studied in bed. Since I started living here I have been sitting at my table more often than in all those years in my old bedroom. I also manage to keep the place a bit cleaner than back in my old bedroom.


So I have a little sitting area. Which looks really cozy to me with the pillows and blanket. I just love the little tables, which I managed to get for a very low price. (They’re from JYSK if you were wondering). De Ikea cabinets divide the room perfectly. It still looks really open, but the bed area and sitting area are clearly two different places.


I tried to make my bed a bit cozy with pillows and a throwblanket and my stuffed animal collection. The collection is not big, but it’s definitely growing. I just love cool pluche animals. Under my bed I keep my shoes and my vacuum. It’s definitely not wasted space.


I think that’s kind of all there is to see in my room. I also have a lovely balcony, but it’s not really the time of the year to sit outside. I really love my place and I’m so lucky that I got such a spacious room. I’m not planning on leaving here anytime soon, that’s for sure.


I hope you liked my ‘little’ room tour and I’ll see you guys soon! I will show you the door now…


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