My Christmas Decorations


Because it’s already December again (wait, what?), I wanted to show you guys how I decorated my room for the holidays. There’s not much more to say about that, so let’s get started!


Let’s start with an overview of my room, to get a quick view of all my decorations.


On my desk I have these adorable candle-holders my mom got for me from the Action. If you live in the Netherlands, the Action is a great store to get cheap but cute holiday decorations.


Then over to my tiny, little Christmas tree. It’s a fake one (which is quite obvious) and I got it from Intratuin (I think) a couple years ago. I think next year I’m going to invest in a bigger tree, because this one looks a bit out of proportion with my room. The ornaments and lightstring I got from the Action as well.


I always keep a couple candy canes in my room. I just can’t live without them! Again, these are from the Action. The Action is literally my favourite store, because I’m just a cheap person and they have such cute stuff!


Then over to my room divider. I decorated it with another lightstring (because you can never have enough Christmas lights!) and some cute Santa and snowman boxes.


The other part of my divider is decorated with a silver garland with some ornaments in it and a couple small decorations, such as an adorable rainbow-light snowman, a cute christmas mouse and a glitter donut ornament.


Then in my divider there is this little Santa guy left. I got this one from my grandma once, and I think it’s just too adorable!


And that’s about it! I wished to decorate my room a bit more, but I’m out of ideas and there is not much room left. Next year I’ll get a bigger tree, that’s for sure.

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