Review: MUA Fire Vixen Palette


I was shopping for Black Friday and suddenly I bumped into this beautiful, low-budget eyeshadow palette. The bright red and orange colours just spoke to me immediately and I had to have it! So, I bought it. Today I’m going to show you some swatches and a look done with the palette and I’ll give you my opinion about it.


Let’s start off with the container. To me, the shiny black/see-through lid looks a bit cheap, but for the price you pay for it that shouldn’t be your greatest concern. I am more curious about the eyeshadows themselves.


More about the palette itself. It’s one out of the three “15 shades palettes” of MUA. They came up with two other colour combinations: Matte Feather, with only matte, neutral colours, and Light Heavenly Neutral, with neautral matte and shimmery shadows. This palette consists of 15 very different shades. There are 7 shimmery shadows and 8 matte ones. There are a couple very neutral colours, but also a couple that just pop right out of the palette. I really like the variety in this palette, it makes sure you can do a lot of different things with it.

Now over to the swatches. I swatched the colours in groups of five, just like in the palette. I included a picture without flash and a picture with, because I really wanted to show how nice the glittery shades are.

First five without flash
First five with flash
Second five without flash
Second five with flash
Last five without flash
Last five with flash

I really love the pigmentation in this palette. I think some of the matte shades could have been a bit more pigmented, but price-quality wise it doesn’t dissapoint. Colour number 10 (the brown glitter shade) is so amazingly pigmented and so beautiful, I couldn’t take my eyes of it! I also love how the red colour just pops of my skin. The formula feels very nice, especially the shimmery shades are extremely creamy.


And this is the look I made with the colours. For this look I used colours 1, 6, 8, 12, 14 and 15. The colours are very easy to blend and you don’t wipe them away while blending. Also I barely experienced any fall-out, so that is amazing! The colours are just very easy to work with and there’s a lot of variety in the palette. I’m just very happy with this buy! If you’re looking for a low-budget, but high-quality eyeshadow palette, you should definitely give the 15 shades palettes from MUA a try!

You can get this palette online for about €6,99, or in the Netherlands at Kruidvat.

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