Review: Essence Metal Shock nailpowder


Hello everyone, today I’m back with ANOTHER review! This time I’m reviewing the Essence Metal Shock nailpowder. It may not surprise you that I bought this beauty in the Black Friday sale… But that doesn’t really matter, let’s begin!


The Essence Metal Shock Nailpowders are available in 6 different colours. I bought colour 06 Be my little mermaid. The line also has it’s own complementary top coat, which helps seal the powder on your nails. This is what Essence has to say about their product:

For a breathtaking mirror effect on the nails: apply the nail powder while the nail polish underneath is still slightly wet and lightly polish into the nails. Create cool effects with dark nail polishes. For an ultimate mirror shine look in silver, use transparent nail polish as the base. Seal with the metal shock sealing top coat.


This is what the powder looks like. It’s a pretty tiny jar, but you barely need any glitter to get the wanted effect. The glitter looks amazing and it has a beautiful shine, but be careful not to spill it or something, because it’s a real pain to get it off off other surfaces. But okay, the glitter comes in a handy dandy little jar, which looks completely fine too me. The really shiny box may look a bit tacky, but I get it, it fits the metal finish theme.


On the box it says you have to wear a light coloured nail polish as a base, wait until it’s completely dry and then rub in the glitters. On the packaging of the other colours nailpowder it sometimes said light nail polish and sometimes dark, so I decided to test a few. I went with a light pink, light blue, white, transparent, and black.


This is what the nail polishes look like without the layer of nailpowder.


And this is what they look like with the nailpowder. I’m sad the picture doesn’t capture the shine. It’s a really cool effect, I especially like the effect on the black and white polishes. On black it shows the blue/green glitters a lot more, but on the white you can clearly see the pink glitters as well. Applying the glitters was fairly easy, just rub it on your nails. The aftermath is a bit worse. The glitters were a real pain to get of your skin, so the skin around your nails may look shiny for a day too… But besides that, I love the effect the powder gives!

I sealed the powder with the Metal Shock topcoat. I think it’s just a basic topcoat and not that much different from other top coats, but I’m not sure. I just don’t see any difference. It is a pretty thin, runny polish.


In the end, I just love this nailpowder. I’m thinking about buying the other colours too, just so I have something to play with. It’s a great way of spicing up some basic nailpolishes and it’s so easy to do. I did wish it was a bit more opaque, and not just a thin shiny layer, but a real colour. But I guess that just isn’t the effect they were going for, or you’ll have to search in a higher pricerange. The Essence Metal Shock Nailpowders get an 8/10 from me.


You can buy Essence Metal Shock Nailpowders and complementary Sealing Top Coat online, or in The Netherlands at Kruidvat for €2,99.

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