Pinterest try-outs: Christmas Edition!


I thought it would be fun to start off a new series: Pinterest try-outs. I think everyone here has at least heard of Pinterest once. It’s a fun site where you can create idea boards. People also share lots of DIY ideas and recipes on there. I thought it would be fun to pick some of these ideas and see how they turn out if a true amateur (me) tries them. So for today: the Christmas edition!


Let’s start off with the winter wonderland cupcakes. They feature some of my favourite things: coconut flakes and white chocolate. Scroll down to see what I managed to turn them into…


I must say, they didn’t turn out as horrific as I had expected. They actually look pretty cute. The trees were really easy to make, but the melted chocolate was sometimes a bit hard to divide equally, because I used a spoon. I used buttercream to stick the coconutflakes to the cupcake. Sadly, I didn’t have chocolate cupcakes, but vanilla ones. I used unsweetened coconut flakes (because I couldn’t find the sweetenend version in time), but it worked perfectly with the oh-so-sweet buttercream. Sadly, the pretzel sticks do get a bit soft and lose their crunchiness. Apart from the cupcakes tasting really good, they actually look pretty good too. This proves that this Pin is managable for amateurs!


Then next are these adorable, little cupcakes! I thought these’d be perfect to bring to the family christmas dinner. They seemed really easy to make, just take a chocolate cupcake, some red icing and some mini marshmallows and put it together. It was almost like that…


Sadly, I didn’t have exactly the right ingredients to pull this idea off. I used vanilla cupcakes instead of chocolate, and I used cut up snowflake-shaped marshmallows instead of just normal, small ones. I used buttercream instead of icing (because I just like using buttercream for cupcakes). I also stuffed the cupcakes with a chocolate filling, storebought, but good. In the end, the cupcakes don’t even look too shabby. I’m quite proud of myself, although the Christmas tree cupcakes look a lot better. But these tasted good, though. I give this the amateur-approved stamp!


In the end, my cupcakes didn’t even turn out that bad. I got lots of compliments at the Christmas dinners I went to and everyone thought they tasted great, which is always the most important part. I could recommend trying out these pins.

I do apologise for the low-quality pictures today. I forgot my camera at my place, so I had to use my parents camera.

Let me know if you like the idea of this reoccuring rubric on my blog, and then next time I’ll try out a few harder looking Pins!


Find today’s Pins here: | Christmas tree cupcakes | Santa hat cupcakes |


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