Review: Three low-budget matte lipsticks


Hi everyone, it’s been a little while. During the holidays I didn’t have much time left to spend on my blog and after the holidays, school started again. So I’ve been quite busy the past weeks. But that aside, I’m back with another review! Today I’m showing you three low-budget matte lipsticks I bought. I’m going to compare them and tell you what I think of them. Take a look!


So the lipsticks I’ll be reviewing today are, from left to right, Catrice Ultimate Matt Lipstick 010 Coffee, MATTmoiselle?, MUA Matte Lipstick Peachy Keen, and Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick 02 Perfect Match.


I’ll start off with the Catrice lipstick. I’m a big fan of the matt black packaging, I think it looks really classy and high-quality. After I took the lid off, I got so happy! I just love how the lipstick looks, you can already see it’s going to be extremely matt. I did get a little scared that it might be a very dry lipstick. But appearance-wise, I love everything about this lipstick. It all just looks very sophisticated.


Applying the lipstick went very smooth, so I had nothing to be scared of. It’s very creamy when applying and it leaves a perfectly opaque colour. It’s a beautiful brown/nude colour and the finish is extremely matt. For this opaque finish I only needed 1-2 layers! I’m in love with this one!


Then on to the next one. Peachy Keen just grabbed my attention while I was shopping online. It’s a beautiful peach/salmon colour and it would be just perfect for spring-time. Sadly, I’m not the smartest person. After I ordered this one, I started looking for reviews. Most people were not happy with the results. So I was a bit sad that I already ordered it, so I decided to look at a few reviews and it resulted in me ordering the other two lipsticks in this article. But okay, now let’s see what I think of Peachy Keen.

The white packaging looks really nice, but it doesn’t feel strong at all. It feels like everything might just fall apart any moment. All MUA lipsticks do have a nice feature: at the bottom of the lipstick is a compartment with some extra, for if you want to apply the lipstick with a brush. It’s a great extra! I do think the lipstick itself looks a bit cheap, and like this (in the packaging) it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a really matt finish.


The first thing I noticed while putting on the lipstick: it may be a bit too creamy. Why? The stick broke as soon as I tried applying it. I’m not really happy with the results of this lipstick. It does have a really nice, matt finish, but the colour isn’t really opaque. While applying a second layer of lipstick, you easily wipe away the first layer, leaving weird patches. The colour is really nice, though. The formula just isn’t the best. I’m actually not really disappointed by this lipstick, because I expected the absolute worst.


And, on to the last one. This one from Essence is about the same colour as the one from Catrice. I ordered both of them, because they didn’t seem exactly the same, and I just like comparing things. The packaging looks a bit cheap, but I think it’s nice you can actually see which colour you’re using, by just looking at the cap.


I really love the finish of this lipstick. It’s a nice brown/nude colour, but it has more of an old-pink undertone. It’s a lot warmer than the Catrice lipstick. It gives a very opaque colour and it feels really creamy, the creamiest of all three I might say. It stays on for a long time, doesn’t give weird patches or lines, and it doesn’t dry out my lips. I love it!


If I had to make a top three, I would definitely put MUA Peachy Keen at the bottom. The first place would be won by Essence Perfect Match, but with only a very few points more than Catrice Coffee, MATTmoiselle?. I really love the brown tints. The matt finish gives a nice, sophisticated look. I’d definitely recommend the top two!


Catrice Ultimate Matt Lipstick, 010 Coffee, MATTmoiselle? – €3,99 at Kruidvat, or online

MUA Matt Lipstick, Peachy Keen – €2,99 at Kruidvat, or online

Essence Matt Matt Matt, 02 Perfect Match – €2,39 at Kruidvat, or online

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