Review: My favourite nailpolish


I must say, I haven’t really been into wearing nailpolish lately. I sometimes just wear a simple colour for a little while, and then nothing for a long time again. So I had that going on for a while, until I found this amazing, low-budget nailpolish.


I ordered this polish on black friday (which ofcourse made it a lot cheaper) and I thought the colour was very pretty. I didn’t really have anything like this, but I usually wear lipsticks in similar colours, so I thought this would look at least decent on me.

This is the Essence Gel Nail Polish in colour 107 Rosewood Forest. It’s a beautiful old pink/rose colour.


I already got amazing coverage using only one layer, but two layers just perfected the gel look. The colour is very opaque and the polish dried super quick. It also lasted quite long for such a low-budget polish. The first tiny chip occurred after 4/5 days. It took about a week for it to really start chipping. And that while I do the dishes everyday! I just love everything about this nailpolish.


If you want subtle, but classy looking nails, this definitely is the nailpolish for you. Because the colour doesn’t pop, your nails will look very neat and tidy. I’m absolutely in love with this colour, it’s beautiful for spring time. I would definitely recommend it!

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 107 Rosewood Forest | Available at Kruidvat for €1,69


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