My Night Skin Care Routine


For the longest time I’ve been trying to work out a skin care routine for myself. I don’t have the most problematic skin, but I do have a lot of breakouts and dry patches, which makes it hard to find a midway. Today I thought it would be fun to show you my night routine.


After taking out my contacts, I always start off with cleaning my face of makeup and dirt. Even when I didn’t wear makeup during the day, I use this micellar cleansing water. It works perfectly to get all the dirt off. After that I rinse my face with a bit of water, to make sure there’s no oily residue left that will cause another breakout. This Alvira Skin Essentials Micellar Cleansing Water is available in the Netherlands at the Action.


After that, I moisterise my face using the Alvira Skin Essentials Night Creme. Only a tiny bit is necessary to cover my whole face, and I try to use a little bit less on my oily areas. It really helps to take care of the dry patches on my cheeks.


Then I use my favourite lipbalm ever. It moisturises my lips to the extend that my lips still feel covered when I wake up. It’s perfect for cold times and using it at night makes sure my lips are constantly moisturised. It also has SPF 8, protecting your lips against UV rays. You can find the Purol Lipbalm in the Netherlands at, for example, Kruidvat.


I always moisturise my arms and legs. I have quite dry skin which gets irritated and that causes weird bumps. So I try to keep that at a minimum by smothering my body in body creme. This one is from Rituals, of the Ritual Of Sakura collection. It was almost the only body creme at Rituals that had a nice warm scent. I like warm scents better than fresh scents. This body creme is very moisterising, and you only need a bit to cover a lot of surface. That makes up for the price, I guess.


And lastly, I rub a nice lotion on my hands. I got this adorable, little thing from one of my friends, together with a handscrub. I try not to scrub my hands too often, as that’s not too good for your skin. That’s why I didn’t include it in this night routine.

As you can see, my routine mainly consists of moisturising, and maybe some more moisturising. Ofcourse, this shouldn’t help people with very oily skin, but if you have dry skin, maybe this routine will help you. I’ll see you guys next week!

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