Monthly Personal Update: February

Hello guys, I’m back! I thought it would be fun to write a personal update at the end of each month, so here I am to talk about my February experiences. This just because it helps me think, and because I love to be a bit more personal towards you. Please read on, if you want to know how my month has been!

So, my February has been a bit hectic. I decided, for once, I’d keep up with school and study each day. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Everyday I’ve been able to finish what I had to do, and I’m even ahead on some things with school. Working on my blog also goes a lot easier like this, because I can plan it in during the week. I’m almost two months ahead on blog posts! I’m quite proud of myself for finishing everything and keeping up. That being said, some days are a bit harder. Last week I barely slept, because I kept procrastinating everyday. Still, I wanted to finish my daily planning, so I kept on studying until the middle of the night. Ofcourse, that’s not really good for me.

I’ve also been feeling a bit restless, because everyday is currently like: “I have to finish all of this! Quick!” I keep on wanting to work fast, so I finish everything on time. It’s making it a bit hard to relax. I try to relax more on the weekends, but with having those completely booked, I don’t really get to relax either. Before I go to sleep I always read a bit, so I sleep a bit better.

This past week I have been slacking a bit in my good habits, but this is because I had so many things planned aside from school. I was a mess running all over the place, with lots of different people over at my place. I haven’t had any time to myself yet. Thankfully, next week is a bit more calm. I’m trying to get back into that ‘first week of february mentality’, because I did so well that week. We’ll see how that goes.

Aside from all this whining about school and stuff, I did do a couple of fun things. I went out with friends a couple times, which I always find so much fun. I’m always in for a party! I had to babysit. My boyfriend came over for a couple of days and last weekend we saw Black Panther, which was so extremely good. I haven’t seen such a good movie in a while. All the strong, female characters make me so happy.  I also bought tickets for a concert of one of my favourite bands: Tremonti. I can’t wait to see them perform! I’m really hoping their next album will be as good as their most recent one.

That was kind of my february. It was a real busy, messy month for me, but it was good. For next month I have a couple fun things planned and I can’t wait to get into it. I’ll see you guys next week!


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