Review: Catrice ICONails


It always happens when I’m not actually looking for new makeup: I walk past the makeup isle and pick something that I am DEFINITELY looking for. Don’t judge me. This happened in the Kruidvat some time ago, and I bought this amazing looking nail polish. But is it as pretty as we’re expecting?


I bought the Catrice ICONails in the colour 51 Easy Pink, Easy Go. Let’s start with the bottle. I really love how sleek and stylish it looks. It just looks very professional, and not at all low-budget.


So, the polish is supposed to give a gel finish and is supposed to last up to 7 days. Let’s see if that’s the truth.


I was so confused when I tried to open the bottle! I was twisting the lid, but it wouldn’t turn, and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. But it was the doing of this great invention. The stylish, but not useful, slippery, big lid, is not the actual lid. When you take it off, it reveals a nice, ribbed lid. This is SO comfortable for painting your nails. It gives a good grip, and the circular lid is so much more flexible than the expected square lid. Love this idea!


And then on to the nailpolish. It applied very easy, but some streaks appeared in the polish. As soon as I applied it, I got a bit afraid. It was actually quite see-through. The formula was a bit thin, but not too runny, but even after two layers it wasn’t opaque. On the picture you can see it. The colour of the polish is very beautiful, though. It’s a nice, light pink, with an amazing shine. I do think the shine makes it look flashy, so it’s not the loveliest colour for daily wear. It’s more of a party colour, I believe. The beautiful shine is clearly visible on the picture. So lovely! Too bad about the see-through part.

I do think the finish isn’t really a gel look. It’s too thin and too streaky for that. It did last almost 7 days, though. The first major chipping started at day 6, so I’m quite impressed by that. That’s amazing for such a low-budget brand.


This polish has it’s ups and downs. The bottle and the colour are definitely two plusses, but the formula just doesn’t apply nicely. I’d give this Catrice ICONails colour a 6,5/10.


Catrice ICONails 51 Easy Pink, Easy Go – Available in The Netherlands at Kruidvat for €2,99


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