Huge Stationary Haul


Lately I’ve been very busy with school. Lots of long days, essays and tests. To keep myself organized in such busy times, I love using a bullet journal. I can keep track of everything I have to do and want to do, and it’s helping me a lot. So, to keep my bullet journal pretty, I love using a lot of cute stickers and washi tapes. So I ordered a lot. Today I’ll show you all the stationary I’ve bought lately. Be prepared, it’s a big haul!

FLTR: Mini notebook Aliexpress, Daily notebook Aliexpress, Bullet journal Action

I’ll start off with my new notebooks. First, I have a tiny notebook from Aliexpress, which I always bring with me. I use it to doodle and work out any new ideas that I have. It’s very useful and just big enough to always fit in my bag. Then I have my Daily notebook from Aliexpress, which I write in everyday to clear my head. And the last book is my beautiful Bullet journal from the Action. I use this everyday and keep track of everything in this. Would you guys want to see an article about how I use my bullet journal? Let me know! If you want to see what it looks like on the inside, you can check my instagram: @bottleofhappiness.

FLTR: Washi sheets Action, Floral Washi Tape Aliexpress, Cacti Washi Tape Aliexpress, Pink Washis Action

Next I have some washis. The washi sheets I bought at the Action are wonderful. I use a lot of creative paper to put in my bullet journal. These sheets you can use in the same way, but they are self-sticking, which comes in very handy. Then I have some beautiful flower and cacti washi tape from Aliexpress and pink washis from the Action.

Sticker boxes Aliexpress, Cartoon Sticker Pack Aliexpress

Then we’ll go on to my stickers. I love, love, love stickers! I have way too many of them (I ordered a ton more after this article, so I couldn’t show them in here). All of these are from Aliexpress, and they are just loose stickers. Great quality and lots of different designs to choose from!

FLTR: Cat stickers Aliexpress, Flower stickers Aliexpress, Puffy Alpaca stickers Aliexpress, School supply stickers Aliexpress, Roses stickers Aliexpress

Apart of the loose stickers, I also got some sticker sheets. The Alpaca stickers are totally my favourite. They’re the most adorable, puffy stickers ever! I got the rose stickers for free with another order, but I’m not sure which one.

FLTR: Neptune Sticky Note, White Marble Sticky Note, Watercolor Sticky Note, Concrete Sticky Note, Feathers Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are super helpful for studying, so why not use a few that look super cute? All of these are from Aliexpress.

FLTR: Micron pens 03 and 005, Black Gel Pens, Stitch Gel Pen, Ultra Simple Gel Pen

I also needed some new pens for school, and because I don’t have a nice, black gel pen. So I ordered six. Seems logical, right? The Micron pens are actually very thin, so I use these for drawings. The Ultra Simple pen is just amazing. The ink dries very quickly and it writes so smooth. Sadly, it isn’t available anymore, so I linked a similar gelpen which I also tested and loved. Again, everything is from Aliexpress.

Flamingo Letter Paper, Forest Animal Cards, Flower Cards, Shiba Cards, Crystal Cards

I also wanted to start writing letters to my friends from high school. We all go to different universities now, so we live quite a few miles apart. I thought it would be a cute way to keep in touch. So I got myself this adorable flamingo letter paper and some lomo cards. Lomo cards are like business card sized greeting cards. They’re adorable! Sadly, I could only find the link to the forest animals, all the other cards aren’t sold anymore.

FLTR: Mix&Match Vintage Nature Paper, Mix&Match Floral Stories Paper, Disney Paperblock with foil

And finally, I bought some creative paper. I love sticking pieces of it in my Bullet Journal and decorating everything with it. Ofcourse, I also had to get myself the shiny Disney papers. Duh. All of these are available at the Action.

So, that was my huge haul. Ofcourse, I managed to order a lot more washi tapes and stickers afterwards, so if you’d like to see those too, let me know. I order everything off off Aliexpress, or I go to the Action. Both stores are great for such decorative stationary!

I’ll see you guys next week!

3 thoughts on “Huge Stationary Haul

  1. Id love to see a Haul with the rest of the stationary you bought and definitely something about your bullet journal! Also your pictures are great. What do you take your photos on?
    MiaBlogss xx



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