Outfit of the Day: Flowy Floral


It’s been a while since my last blog post, and what better way to start my blogging period again than with a nice outfit of the day? Also, I almost forgot about this, last wednesday was my bloggiversary. Bottle of Happiness is officially 5 years old! How crazy is that? Lets start off this new year with a cute floral outfit, shall we?


Skirt – Primark

Top – Primark

I found this skirt at the Primark about a month ago. It was sort of part of a set. The matching crop top was sold seperately, which was really useful to me, as that one didn’t fit. But I was so in love with this skirt that I just HAD to get it. So I searched the entire store for a shirt that would fit on top. And I found it.


Sunglasses – Primark

Choker – Aliexpress

I already had these sunglasses lying around, but they fit so well with the colours of the skirt! Lately I have been leaning more towards bright and fun colours, instead of wearing almost only black items. But still, I couldn’t walk around without my inner emo shining through at least a little bit, so I had to wear a choker with this. I chose this stylish and simple one I bought on Aliexpress a while ago. I tried to find the link to this exact item, but, sadly enough, I couldn’t find it.


Flats – Primark

As I said before, I want to have that splash of emo in my outfit, so I chose black shoes. Also because these were the only shoes I had which actually looked decent under the skirt.



I really love this outfit. It’s so flowy and adorable, and the long skirt makes me feel like a grandma for some reason. I’ve wanted a longer skirt for a long time now, but I couldn’t find a cute one anywhere. And then I found this one and my heart was happy again. And now I am silently wishing the weather will be a bit less hot, so I can actually wear this outfit out and about.


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