Review: MAX&MORE advent beauty calendar week 1

IMG_3489 (1)

When I read that Action’s own beauty brand MAX&MORE was releasing its own advent calendar, I was sold immediately. I thought I’d spoil myself for this Christmas and get myself one of these babies. I bet some of you are curious what you would get out of these calendars, so I thought it would be fun to do a little review article at the end of each week. So in today’s article I’ll review all the products I got in week 1 of the MAX&MORE advent beauty calendar.


Pictured are all the things I’ve gotten in this week:

Day 1: MAX&MORE Lipstick in 301 Naked Nude

Day 2: Golden star nail stickers

Day 3: A hair clip

Day 4: MAX&MORE Lipgloss in 374 Moon Discovery

Day 5: MAX&MORE Eyeshadow Quatro Mini in 614 Fresh Hot

Day 6: MAX&MORE EyePencil in 201 Black

Day 7: MAX&MORE Lipstick in 317 Scarlett Red

I won’t be reviewing the stickers and the hairclip, because there isn’t much to write a review about with these products.

Let’s start with the EyePencil in 201 Black. This product came when I most needed it. I just found out my favourite eyepencil was empty, so I needed a new one. The packaging is very basic and it’s a basic pencil you have to sharpen, which is fine.


I was very surprised about this product. It’s incredibly smooth and opaque, as you can see in the swatch pictured above. It also stays on so long. I wore it on my waterline, and after 8 hours it still looked almost the same as when I just applied it. I really love this product!

Onto the next products: the Lipsticks in colors 301 Naked Nude and 317 Scarlett Red. The packaging of the lipsticks looks a bit cheap to me, but normally the price of these products is very low, so I’m not complaining. As long as the product itself is good.


The first color is 301 Naked Nude . It’s a nude color with a bit of a yellow undertone. It has a shiny finish. I kind of like this color, but it looks a bit patchy after applying it. Also, the color doesn’t suit me that well, but that is just a personal thing. The lipstick feels comfortable and doesn’t dry out your lips. It’s just a bit less opaque than I would have wanted it to be.


The color 317 Scarlett Red is a pretty, classic red, with a bit of a pink undertone. The color is very warm and has a nice, matte finish. I was so surprised about how opaque this lipstick is. It applies absolutely beautiful and it’s also very comfortable. It feels very creamy and it doesn’t dry out your lips, even tho it’s a matte finish. I am so happy with this lipstick!


Next up is the Lipgloss in 374 Moon Discovery. The packaging is again very basic, but I can deal with that considering the price. I applied the gloss on top of the last lipstick. The lipgloss is super shiny and it has beautiful silver glitters in it. It gives a very nice finish. It is a bit thick and sticky, though, so it’s hard to apply nicely with the packaging itself. I just used a flat brush to apply the gloss, which worked fine. I like this product a lot.


And lastly, the Eyeshadow Quatro Mini in color 614 Fresh Hot. After quickly swatching the eyeshadows, I wasn’t very impressed. They’re just basic, glittery colors, with just a fair amount of pigment. They blend okay, and they don’t have that much fallout, so that’s good. The problem with this palette is that all the colors are shimmering, which means you have to use a different palette for blending and a base. The palette itself is very small, so it’s perfect for carrying around and doing quick makeup, so it would have been nicer if the brown color had been matte.

Overall, after the first week of this adventcalendar, I’m quite impressed. None of the products are of bad quality and a lot of them I’m actually very impressed about. I can’t wait to see what I’ll get in week 2. I’ll see you soon!


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