Review: MAX&MORE advent beauty calendar week 2

IMG_3489 (1)

So last week I uploaded a review of the first week of the MAX&MORE Beauty Advent Calendar. So of course that means that this week will be week 2. Let’s see what I have to say about day 8 to 14 of this fun calendar.


Pictured above is everything I received in the first week of the calendar. On each day that was:

Day 8: Nail jewels (Silver diamonds)

Day 9: MAX&MORE Bronzing Powder Matt in 150 LA Heat

Day 10: MAX&MORE LipLiner in 301 Naked Nude

Day 11: Pencil sharpener

Day 12: MAX&MORE LipBalm in 340 Wild Raspberry

Day 13: MAX&MORE EyePencil in 209 Emerald Green

Day 14: MAX&MORE NailPolish Shiny in 422 Ruby Slippers


I won’t be reviewing the pencil sharpener and the diamonds, because there isn’t much to write about.

First off I want to talk about the EyePencil in 209 Emerald Green. It’s just a simple eyepencil, like the black one I got last week. Nothing too special about the pencil itself. Just like the LipLiner in 301 Naked Nude. They’re both basic pencils you have to sharpen. That’s where the pencil sharpener does its job, of course.


Pictured above is a swatch of the LipLiner on the left and the EyePencil on the right. The EyePencil is sadly less creamy than the black version I reviewed last week. It does have a very nice color, though. Don’t let the name mislead you, it’s not a green, it’s definitely a blue. A nice blue with silver glitters in it. It still stays for a very long time, but it just doesn’t apply as smooth as the black pencil. Put that to the side and it’s a very nice product.

The LipLiner is nice and creamy and has a decent amount of pigment. The color fits the MAX&MORE LipStick in 301 Naked Nude that was behind the first door of the calendar.


So for this swatch I lined my lips with the lipliner and then filled them in with the corresponding lipstick. The liner itself wasn’t that opaque on the lips and I feel like it actually makes the lipstick more patchy, compared to it just being on itself. I’m still in doubt about the color of these products, so I wouldn’t really wear these myself anyway.


Next up is the NailPolish in color 433 Ruby Slippers. The bottle looks just fine and it has a fun, curved shape. The brush also looks decent. I don’t have much more to say about these aspects.


The formula of the nailpolish is very nice. I only needed to apply one coat to get a good coverage. The thing I didn’t like that much is that it applies a bit streaky, but that’s a problem with most shimmer nailpolishes. This one is a beautiful, red, shimmer polish which looks perfect for christmas. It dries very quickly, but it chips quite easily, sadly. I like this polish a lot, but it will only look nice for about a day, before the edges start chipping.


Now onto the LipBalm in color 340 Wild Raspberry. It’s a nice pen applicator, which I personally really like. The packaging looks nice and it doesn’t look cheap.


I expected this lipbalm to actually be a balm with a slight tint to it. It isn’t. It has almost as much pigment as a lipstick. I love it! The pen applicator makes it easy to apply the balm with precision. The color is a beautiful raspberry color and isn’t streaky or patchy at all, but has a nice pigment. The product actually feels like a balm when applied. It’s really creamy and it feels like your lips are being moisturized. I really love this product a lot!


Then, last but not least, the Bronzing Powder Matt in 150 LA Heat. This product came when I needed it most, because I just started to run out of bronzer, and I need something to contour with. The packaging is nice and it contains a lot of product, which is really good.

My Post.jpg

The bronzing powder applies really nicely, because it isn’t crazy pigmented. I can build it to get the effect I want out of it. In the pictures above you can see my face without (first picture) and with bronzing powder (second picture). I used it mostly to contour my cheekbones and nose, and I used it around my face to give me a bit more color. I really like this product and especially the fact that it’s matt, which makes it perfect for contouring.


And with that, we’re already at the end of the article. In a week and a half I will post the last review, which will contain day 15 to 24 of the MAX&MORE advent beauty calendar. So stay tuned!


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