Pinterest try-outs: Christmas makeup!


Last year I did a Pinterest Try-outs episode where I tried to decorate christmas cupcakes following a Pinterest tutorial. This year, I thought I’d switch things up a tiny bit. I found a couple cool Christmas makeup looks on the site, but without a tutorial. So I decided I’d try to recreate these looks just from picture, and try to make my own little tutorial out of it. Please read along if you want to know how bad I did, haha!

Let’s start off with the first look. I saw this on Pinterest and I thought it was just adorable. Let’s go!


By: @swetlanapetuhova on Instagram

My Post (3)

I started by already doing my eyebrows like I usually do them. Then I used warm-toned red and pink shades to blend widely in my crease. When I thought it looked decent, I cut my crease using my NYX liquid concealer.

Step 2 consisted of giving more dimension to my lid by adding warm-toned brown shades: a lighter one in the center and darker ones in the corners. I then drew a white line in my crease and some snowflakes and dots using white eyeliner from Essence and white facepaint.

After that I went ahead and put on eyeliner and put white glitter on the crease line using eyelash glue. I finished the look by sticking on some falsies and putting on mascara.


The final look turned out fine, but I just don’t get how the original artist managed to get such nice, thin, and opaque, white lines. I’m really impressed at how good some people are at doing makeup.


The next look seemed really hard to me, because I am just terrible at doing eyeliner and this eyeliner is so tight.


Find the pin here

My Post (2)

I started by drawing in and blocking my brows as usual. Next I added some dark brown shades in my crease and blended them outward using some lighter brown shades. After that I again cut my crease using the NYX liquid concealer.

I took some pink and purple shades to put on my lower lashline and I kind of feathered them out to form a wing. I cleaned this up a bit on the top with my concealer. Then the hard part started. I drew a line in my crease using black liquid eyeliner. I added some ‘lamps’ to the ‘lightstring’ using purple, pink and red facepaint. I added a white dot with facepaint to each of the lights to create a shine effect.

Then I put pink glitter on my lower lashline using eyelash glue. To finish off the look I put on falsies and mascara, and added some eyeliner to blend the falsies in with the look.


I’m not even that mad at the final look. I know I’m a mess at applying false lashes, and honestly, I don’t even have a pair of good ones. Still, the makeup looks fine. I’m not even that bad at blending and doing cut-creases.

It was really fun taking some time to experiment with makeup again. Of course I need A LOT more practice before I become as good as the artists of these posts, but that’s something for the future. For now I’m just happy that I can blend properly.

If you have any questions regarding these tutorials or the products I used, feel free to ask in the comments. I’ll see you soon!


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