Review: MAX&MORE beauty advent calendar week 3

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Merry Christmas all! I hope you have a wonderful time with all your loved ones. This week’s review comes a little later, but it’s also gonna be a lot longer. Today I’ll review day 15 to 24 of the MAX&MORE Advent Beauty Calendar. I’ll review every product separately and I’m gonna say something about the calendar in general. Read along to see what I found behind the little doors of this calendar!


Pictured are the products I found behind doors 15-24. For each day those were:

Day 15: Nail file

Day 16: MAX&MORE LipBalm in 342 Chanterella

Day 17: Toe spreader

Day 18: MAX&MORE EyeBrowPencil in 202 Brown

Day 19: MAX&MORE NailPolish Shiny in 410 Silver Stardust

Day 20: MAX&MORE Mascara High Definition Sculpt & Volume

Day 21: Hairband

Day 22: MAX&MORE HighLighter Drops 138 Dreamcatcher

Day 23: MAX&MORE NailPolish Shiny 418 Golden Sunrise

Day 24: MAX&MORE EyeShadow Quattro 620 It’s The Season To Glow

I won’t be writing a review about the nail file, toe spreader and hairband, because there just isn’t much to talk about.

I want to start with the two NailPolishes in colours 410 Silver Stardust and 418 Golden Sunrise. The packaging looks a bit cheap and the bottle isn’t that big, but for the price you’re paying for it, I’m not complaining about it. Of both bottles the brushes were perfectly fine: not too big, not too small, and the hairs weren’t messed up.


Both polishes took two layers to be opaque. Golden Sunrise is a tiny bit streaky, but it’s not that noticeable. I don’t have that problem with Silver Stardust. Silver Stardust is a very nice silver, it looks very metallic and it’s perfect for the holidays. Golden Sunrise is just a bit too yellow for me to be a good gold. I consider it more of a shimmery yellow than gold. The shimmer is really nice, though, and a lot more subtle than that of Silver Stardust. Both these colours are perfect for Christmas, so I find them very suitable for this calendar. I don’t really have anything bad to say about these products.

Then onto the next product: the HighLighter Drops in 138 Dreamcatcher. I’m just shortly gonna say something about this product, because there’ll be a long review of another colour in this line up very soon. So not to spoil that review, I’m just shortly gonna touch on this highlighter. The packaging is nice and feels sturdy, with a nice drop system.

My Post (1)

As you can see in the before and after pictures, the highlighter gives A LOT of shine. I applied one very thin layer using my fingers, which worked fine. The colour is a bit gold/rose gold. It gives a very nice, warm glow to the face.

I have always used just black eyeshadow for my eyebrows, which worked perfectly fine. I had a period where I made them way too dark, but now I finally have them exactly as I want. I use black eyeshadow, because my eyebrow hairs are dark grey/black, so it looks pretty natural, and a lot of eyebrow colours are just too red for me. The only thing I don’t really like about that is the fact that my hair is ginger/copper coloured (I dyed it). So my brows don’t really fit my hair. When I found the eyebrow pencil in this calendar, I was a bit skeptical at first. I never used a brow pencil, and it’s a brown one, so how red will it turn out? The pencil itself looks very nice. It has a spoolie on one side, and in the lid of the pencil side there’s a sharpener.

Another thing that I was a bit skeptical about was the mascara. I always have a hard time finding a mascara that works for me. So I was very curious as to how this one would turn out. The packaging is just basic, but it looks very nice. I do have to say that I like how every single product has its name in the same font on it. It just ties everything together.


The pencil was very soft in use, so I was able to apply a nice thin layer. This colour fits my hair precisely! I’m really surprised of how good it looks. It applies just a bit darker than I would want, but by brushing it out with the spoolie, it turns into exactly the colour I want. I really like this pencil!

The thing I like a lot about this mascara is how it separates my lashes nicely. The brush is flat on one side and curved on the other, but I don’t really think this makes a big difference in appliance. The mascara does give me some volume, but I had to apply a couple layers before I actually got a decent amount of product on my lashes. The mascara doesn’t dry as fast as I would like to, but it doesn’t bother me that it doesn’t. I think this mascara is actually pretty decent, but if you’re going for some real volume and effect, this isn’t one for you.

Then onto something very different: the EyeShadow Quattro in 620 It’s the season to glow. Again, the packaging was a bit basic, but it doesn’t look that cheap. It’s perfectly fine for such a low-budget brand.


As you can see, the colours have a fair amount of pigment. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s definitely something you can work with. Sadly, just as with the EyeShadow Quattro Mini, all shades are shimmery. This just isn’t useful for on the go, because you need matte shades from other palettes to make a full look. I get that the name is ‘it’s the time to glow’, but I just don’t really love palettes with just shimmery shades. Sorry. But overall, these shades look nice and you can do some fun things with them.

Then, last but not least, the final item on this list: the LipBalm in 342 Chanterella. I was very impressed with the other lipbalm so I had some high hopes for this one. The packaging of this product looks very nice to me and the pencil-like shape makes it very easy to apply.


And my hopes were fulfilled. This one has an equally amazing pigment as the last one. Of course, because this is a nude shade, it doesn’t stand out as much. Still, I really love this shade. It’s just between a pink shade and a nude shade, which is perfect to me. The product also doesn’t dry out your lips, which is amazing. I really love this one.

As you can tell my reviews on the products were a bit mixed. Some were amazing and some were fine. I don’t believe there really was a product that I didn’t like. Overall, the calendar is really nice and definitely worth the €9.99 you have to pay for it. The calendar was sometimes hard to open without ripping the entire thing in half, and the products were really stuck in there sometimes. This was a bit inconvenient, but that’s just the packaging of course. I like that there’s a big variety of products. I can easily make an entire makeup look using what I got from this calendar. The only things that weren’t in there were concealer and foundation, but those are so colour specific you cant just put them in a calendar like this. It was a really fun calendar to have, and I might just buy it again next year!


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