My Funko Collection


About a year ago, I believe, I bought my first Funko POP!. My boyfriend introduced me to them and I thought they were just adorable, so I had to have one. That one quickly turned into many. Today I’m showing you which Funko’s I have. Let’s jump right in!


First of all I have my cute Bob Ross (#524). You have a lot of different ones in the Bob Ross collection, but I only have the basic (first) one. I love watching The Joy of Painting and it always relaxes me so much, so I had to have this one.


Then I have the total bombshell: Yzma (Disney #359). She is definitely my spirit animal.


Adorable, little Simba with his leaf mane (Disney #302).


Then we have my Nightmare Before Christmas family. There is a small chance you’ve seen this picture already, since it went a tiny bit viral on the Funko twitter account. First of all in this picture we have Zero with bone (#336), which is a BoxLunch exclusive. Dapper Sally (#313) is a Hot Topic exclusive. And ofcourse there’s Jack Skellington (#15). I also have 2 Pint Size Heroes, of which Pumpkin King Jack is pictured here.


In this picture we have my other Pint Size Hero: Lock, together with Mystery Mini Lock. Also from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Mystery Mini being from the 25th Anniversary collection. I am a big fan of this movie, as you can probably tell.


Next up is mama RuPaul (#01) of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m a big van of the show.


Then onto my biggest collection: Lord of the Rings. First off I have Frodo Baggins (#444) and Samwise Gamgee (Glow in the dark) (#445). These two are guarding my Dictionary with their lives.


Then we have the other hobbits Pippin Took (#530) and Merry Brandybuck (#528), and their companion Aragorn (#531). Also, my boyfriend burned the tree of Gondor in the block of wood in the background. Isn’t it beautiful?


We’ve had all the good guys, so now onto the bad guys. In the bottom of the picture from left to right we have Lurtz (#533), Gollum (#532), and a Nazgul (#446). On top there’s Saruman (#447) and Sauron (#122).  The only normal sized funko I’m missing in this collection is Gandalf, so I still have to get that one. I don’t really have space for the 6” funko’s, so I’m not planning on getting those. The new Lord of the Rings collection is being released soon, so I might have to expand my collection…


I just love the details on the Sauron POP. He’s even wearing the One Ring, it’s beautifully made!


Besides my (almost complete) LOTR collection, I still have a few ‘single’ POP’s. First off there is this Porg from Star Wars (#198), which is so adorable.


Next I have Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (#204).


And finally there’s my two favourite Funko POP’s: Eeyore Live-Action from Christopher Robin (#437) and Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh (#254). Eeyore is one of my favourite characters ever, and these funko’s are so adorable, so I just had to have them.


And that’s about it! I know my collection isn’t that big yet, but it has grown quite a lot over the past year. We’ll just have to wait and see what other beauties I’ll be adding to my group…


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