Review: Action Peel-Off Gold Mask


You probably all know the story by now: I walk around in the Action (my favourite store) and spot something new that I’d like to try out. And then I write a review about it. That happened again with this Peel-Off Gold Mask. I thought it looked cute and the idea of a gold mask seemed fun to me. So, today I’ll tell you all about this fun mask. Let’s have a look!


One thing that I really liked about this mask in the first place, is the fact that it comes in a box with 5 sachets. So you can use it 5 times. It always annoys me when I find a nice mask and I have to buy 5 of them to use them a while. A mask routine can do great things for your skin, that’s why I use the same mask every week. With this packaging that is also an option.


As I said, the mask comes in 5 sachets. I really like the reverse colours on the sachets. This mask promises to hydrate and nourish your skin and it’s said to have anti-aging effects. This isn’t one of my concerns yet, so I got it mainly for the hydrating aspects. The mask is to be applied to your face without getting on the sensitive areas around your eyes and mouth. After waiting about 15 minutes, you can peel the mask off.

The thing that was a bit weird to me is that you shouldn’t apply this mask to dry skin. I get that with dry skin, it’s can be rough on the skin to peel such a mask off, but it’s kind of contradictory to the ‘hydrating’ aspect. I want to use this mask to hydrate my skin, so mainly my dry parts, but I can’t use it on the dry parts of my face. That’s just a bit odd to me. But so be it.


I applied the mask to the oily and medium parts of my face, skipping the dry parts. The mask is most easy to apply using a flat foundation brush (I always use these brushes for masks). The formula is a bit weird, the liquid is very droopy, but also very sticky. It made it a bit hard to apply well. It took a bit longer to dry than 15 minutes, since it should be peeled off, but that doesn’t bother me that much. It was fairly easy to take off and it left no weird residue on my face. The gold colour makes the mask very fun!

The thing that bothers me about this mask is, a couple hours after taking it off, my skin was as dry as it’ll ever be. The skin on my nose was literally flaking off and it did not look cute. It seems to me that this mask does not hydrate your skin. The oiliest parts of my skin were now drier than the usually driest parts. I don’t like it.

Conclusion: it’s a fun, little mask to do once in a while, because of the gold look. But it does not, I repeat, does NOT make your skin look nice and fresh. At least not my skin. And I was careful enough to only apply it to my oiliest parts. I really wouldn’t use this mask a second time. Maybe if you have really, really, really oily skin, it would give you better results (I have quite medium skin), but for me, it doesn’t do the trick.

I hope you enjoyed this honest review, and I’ll see you next wednesday!

Peel-Off Gold Mask: €0.98 at the Action (5 sachets).


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