My Favourite YouTubers at the Moment

I’ve spent a lot of my free time watching YouTube lately. I don’t really have series that I’m watching at the moment, so YouTube is much easier to watch than Netflix. Of course it isn’t strange that I have a list compiled by now consisting of all my favourite YouTubers. Today I’ll give you this list with a little info about everyone and why I love watching them so much. Let’s get into it!

Eleanor Neale

I found Eleanor a couple months ago and I immediately bingewatched all her true-crime videos. Her videos are very thought-through and you can tell she spends a lot of time researching and gathering information. She’s also very funny and the videos on her second channel are also worth a watch. Definitely check her out if you’re into makeup and truecrime (Find her channel here).


Angelika Oles

Angelika’s videos may be seen as simple, but I love watching them while doing other things. She discusses YouTube ‘drama’ and gives her opinion on things. I just like listening to other people’s opinions, as long as they’re making sense of course. And Angelika does that. Her voice is also very pleasant to listen to (Find her channel here).


Cody Ko & Noel Miller

I name these two together, because they kind of come as a pair. Cody and Noel both have their own YouTube channels where they do reaction videos, and they’re both hilarious. They also do a lot of videos together and they have a podcast called Tiny Meat Gang. They even make satirical rap music. They’re just the most hilarious poeple I know and I follow them on everything. (Find Cody’s channel here, Noel’s channel here, and Tiny Meat Gang here)


Danny Gonzalez

Danny is another reaction channel who does a bit of music. He’s a really funny guy and he really gives his own twist on videos. I just love watching funny reaction videos and you’ll find a few more of these channels in this list. Just check Danny out if you like to have a laugh (Find his channel here).



Of course, we can’t forget the YouTube legend himself. We have to save him in the battle against T-series. T-series almost has as much subscribers as Pewds himself, and we can’t let that happen. Pewds still uploads a video everyday and he hasn’t lost his humor. Subscribe to Pewdiepie! (Find his channel here)


Gloom (Kassie)

Kassie is a real funny gal. She makes a lot of differen videos, from gaming to a bit sketch-like and videos where she tries out weird life-hacks. She tries everything. She’s really cute and funny and I just simply love watching her videos (Find her channel here).


Kurtis Conner

And we’re back with another reaction channel! Kurtis has a lot of, very dumb, humour and he tries his best to edit his videos to make them extra funny. If you’re into reaction channels, definitely check his out (Find his channel here).


Kalvin Garrah

I just recently found his channel and I immediately loved it. He’s a trans guy who reacts to a lot of LGBTQ+ stuff in a funny way, by which he also educates people. I love learning more about the LGBTQ+ community, and he’s just a genuinely fun guy to watch. If you like to be educated ánd have a laugh at the same time, check him out! (Find his channel here)



Pig also makes a lot of reaction videos, but his most famous series of reaction videos are ‘… thinks they can sing’. He is a vocal coach and a very musical guy, so he reacts to people’s music and gives his honest opinion on them. And it’s not just making fun of someone, he actually gives very useful advice. He does little sketches around them too, and he sometimes sings himself, which is very nice (Find his channel here).


Ryan Trahan

Ryan is another reaction channel. Can you see a pattern here? He’s the last one on this list, though. Just like the other ones on this list, he’s hilarious and really gives his own twist to the videos. He’s very creative with editing and writing little sketches in. Check him out some time (Find his channel here).


Mini Ladd

I watched Craig’s videos a lot when I was younger, but I hadn’t really watched his videos in the past year. Until a couple weeks ago when I started watching his subreddit videos. He’s really funny and his multiplayer gaming videos are also hilarious (Find his channel here).


Shane Dawson

And we end this list with the king of YouTube himself. Shane’s docu series have been a great hit in the past year, and we can’t forget about his conspiracy theory videos and all the weird food videos. He’s hilarious and so wholesome! You can’t just not watch some of his content (Find his channel here).


And that was the entire list! These are just a few people who I watch on the regular. There are a lot more who I like watching, but didn’t include. Let me know if you like anyone on this list and which creators you like watching yourself. I’ll see you guys very soon!


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