Tropical Bird Makeup Tutorial

IMG_4600 (1)

This week I felt like playing with my makeup, and I found this really cool eyepencil lying around. But what do you do with a metallic blue eyepencil? I just had fun with it and tried some thing out, until I ended up with this really cool look. The colours remind me of a kingfisher. Of course this is not really a tropical bird, but it’s definitely a tropical looking bird. Well, enough of my chitchat. If you want to see how I achieved this fun look, keep on reading!

IMG_4570 (1)

We’ll jump right into the first step. After priming my lids I started blending in a light green-bluish shadow in my crease using a fluffy brush. This is the matte, teal shade from the NYX Ultimate Multifinish Shadow palette in USP05 Electric. I tried something new with my pictures, since I use a lot of eyeshadow palettes that don’t have a name for every shade. So when I use such a palette, I will put a small picture of it in the corner of the picture from now on. The little triangle shows which shadow from the palette I used in this step. I hope this will help make things more clear.

IMG_4573 (1)

For the second step I blended a very dark teal-like colour in my crease and my outer corner. This is to deepen up the colour. I used the matte teal shade from the NYX Ultimate Multifinish Shadow palette in USP07 Smoke Screen for this. I tried to keep the light shade from the previous step more visible towards the edges.


Next, I did a half cut-crease using my NYX concealer and a flat concealer brush.

IMG_4585 (1)

On this cut-crease I applied more of the light greenish shade, and then put some of the matte blue shade from the same palette on top of it. Then I applied a bit of Spooky from the James Charles x Morphe palette, a matt black shade, in the outer corner and blended that a bit outward and inward. I then blended some of the previously mentioned, dark, teal colour from the outer corner towards the middle, so a nice gradient from dark to light would arise. In the middle of the eye this is blended with the light colours.


For the eyeliner I used the Max&More EyePencil in 209 Emerald Green. I drew a thin, sharp wing on both the inner and outer corner. Then I took a small, angled brush and applied Hello from the James Charles palette on top of the eyeliner, to make the metallic shine pop more.


On the lower lash line I created a red/orange to yellow gradient. All the colours I used here are from the James Charles x Morphe palette. I applied a thin line of Shook close to my lower lash line. I then blended this a bit outwards using Halloween, then doing the same thing using Rusted. I applied Bee around that and blended a bit more inward, so a nice gradient would appear.


And then there is just the final step left: mascara. If I wore fake lashes, I would have applied them here too.


And that’s the look all complete! I wore this with a simple, nude lip and very subdued colours in my face. No deep blush or contour colour, to avoid looking clown-ish. I really love how this look turned out. I just wanted to do something fun with the blue liner, and it actually turned into something nice. I just can’t stop thinking about kingfishers while looking at these pictures…


Let me know what you think of this look! If you recreated this, please send me a picture through social media, because I would love to see it! Also, let me know if you like the new picture format, showing which shade I’m using. Do I need to keep doing this? I hope you all liked reading this post as much as I did writing it. I’ll see you next time!


Products used in this post:

  • Max&More FacePrimer in Illuminating
  • HEMA Ready To Go Foundation Stick in 01
  • NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer in Alabaster
  • Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder
  • Essence My Musthaves Eyeshadow in 20 Black is Back
  • Max&More EyeshadowPrimer in Eye Makeup Base
  • James Charles x Morphe palette
  • NYX Ultimate Multifinish Shadow palette in USP05 Electric
  • NYX Ultimate Multifinish Shadow palette in USP07 Smoke Screen
  • L’oréal Paris Megavolume Collagene 24 Mascara in Extra Black
  • Max&More EyePencil in 209 Emerald Green
  • Max&More Bronzing Powder Matt in 150 LA Heat
  • Catrice GLOW Mineral Highlighting Powder in 010 Light Infusion
  • Max&More Lipstick in Naked Nude


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