The Drive of Your Life

Some time ago, my parents and I were talking to my neighbor who has been in and out of hospital a couple of times now. It was a very casual conversation, but of course, being my neighbor, he was giving some real life lessons. He kept talking about needing something that drives him, otherwise life would not be worth living and it wouldn’t be fun. That comment kept me thinking for a while. What drives me to get up everyday?

I realised that it’s a very tough question to answer, because there can be so many things that drive a person. It may be little, momentarial things, like a fun outing that’s been planned for the day. Or it can be something big, a goal that you want to reach in life. And there are so many things in between that as well that can give you the drive to get out of bed and start your day.

I never struggle to find the fun, daily things to look forward to. Usually I can think of something that day that will give me motivation to go do stuff, even the most simplest of things. If I can’t think of anything, even the reward of getting to watch series in the evening can give me enough motivation to start doing the stuff I need to do that day. But this drive is not just about the stuff that you need to do. A lot of those things that are a ‘must’ in life, are things that have to do with a decision you made yourself, like school or work. Of course there are also things that you just have no say in, that you just have to do. Like taking care of yourself. Sometimes things like that can be hard. Sometimes it’s tough to even just get up and make yourself a little bit of food to get through the day. But you need to. That’s why finding a drive is so important.

The thing I do struggle with is finding a goal in life that I want to reach. Of course I do want to have a nice home, fun job, and a family later and I want to be able to live a stable life. But considering jobs, I don’t know what I want to do. And in today’s society that’s the thing that is pushed. You need to have a career goal, otherwise you won’t survive in this world. And that scares me a bit. I do have some ideas of what I want to do, but I’m not sure. Also the fact that the moment when I will have to choose is getting closer and closer, and I still don’t feel like I’m mature enough to be making such a decision and to be living such a life. It all is just a bit scary and it sometimes feels like I’m not working towards something, that I don’t have a drive.

But still, I get up everyday and do the things I have to do, and the things I want to do. Because a daily drive is also good enough. You don’t need to have one big goal in life to do all the things you want and live a life you like to live. If you can find something that drives you to get up and go take care of yourself, that is all you need to survive. Even if it is the little reward you give yourself by watching Netflix at the end of the day, or eating an extra piece of chocolate. Finding something new everyday that you can work towards. Even if you have not found your goal in life yet, a small, daily goal can be enough to get you out of bed. And that is the drive of your life.

2 thoughts on “The Drive of Your Life

  1. I love this! I think it can be challenging because oftentimes I feel that my goals have to be tied to my career, and more and more I’ve been feeling like the career I’ve chosen has been the wrong one. I have no idea what my goals are anymore XD But those hitting those goals such as finishing a book or publishing a blog post give me a satisfying sense of accomplishment, so I agree that those “little” things are actually quite important!

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