Review: HEMA BAE Shake Up Baking Powder


Recently HEMA came out with a new, all vegan makeup line, called Before Anything Else. Also called BAE. When I found out about this new line, I knew I had to try some products. One of the products I got was the Shake Up Baking Powder. Today I’ll tell you all about this powder and what I think about it. Let’s go!


The little jar is made of plastic. The look of the entire collection fits really well together, but just this packaging looks a tiny bit cheap. But it fits the price, so why nag about that? It’s a useful size. You get quite a lot of product, but it’s still a small enough jar to take with you. I got the powder in the colour Banana.


To use the powder you can just shake a bit out of the jar onto the lid and use a brush or sponge to apply it to your face. The thing that’s a tiny bit sad about this method, is that when you carry the jar in your bag and it gets turned upside down, a lot of powder will fall in the lid and fall out when you open the jar. Besides that, it’s a useful mechanism.



First, I swatched a bit of product on my palm, as you can see. I was a bit scared for the yellow colour. I was hoping it would be a bit less intense. The powder feels very soft and it sticks well to the skin. I also applied it to my face. I applied foundation and concealer beforehand and really wanted to use this powder for baking. So I applied it with a brush under my eyes, on the sides of my nose, and between my brows. As you can see, the powder applies very yellow to the skin at first.


And this is what the powder looks like after brushing the excess off. It does leave a bit of a yellow layer, but it’s not that noticeable. The yellow is actually meant to conceal dark circles, but it’s not that effective when you actually get yellow patches on your face. I do like the mattifying effect of the powder, and it keeps my concealer in place for quite a long time. For the price you pay for it, it’s a nice product. If you keep the final layer thin enough, the yellow is barely noticable.


I quite like this Baking Powder. I love that it’s all vegan and cruelty-free, and that it comes at such a great price. It’s especially great for people starting with makeup, who want to try baking for the first time. I’d rather buy this powder first to get started with, in stead of all the high-end loose powders. BAE is one of the first low-budget makeup lines I’ve seen to make loose powders. A great product to begin with, and a great product for people who don’t like paying a lot for makeup!


BAE Shake Up Baking Powder in Banana is available at HEMA for €6,-


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