Review: Biovène Skin Care


It’s been a little while since my last article. The past two months have been filled with uni work, so I barely had time to work on my blog. But now I have two full months of summer vacation and lots of ideas, so I’m gonna write posts like crazy! First up is a review of these lovely skincare products by Biovène. They were kind enough to send me these products so I could try them out. Keep reading if you want to know all the details.


I got to try out four products. The first one is the Native Secret Clay Mask. Because this mask is delivered in powder form there is no need for preservatives, so this mask consists for 99% of natural products. It’s made with Australian pink clay, mangosteen and pomegranate. You add some water to the powder and it turns into a lovely pink paste which you keep on your face for about 20 minutes.


I’m a big fan of clay masks, because they are good for my skin type and they aren’t as harsh on my skin as, for example, peel-off masks. They do, however, sometimes leave my skin feeling a bit fulnerable. With this clay mask, that wasn’t the case. It left my skin feeling nice, soft and a lot less oily. The smell of the mask was also really enjoyable and it was very easy to remove. I also enjoy the fact that it is almost completely natural a lot. This mask is a definite yes from me!


Next up is the Detox Ampoule. This is a small container with exactly the amount of product you need for one use. It consists, again, almost completely of natural ingredients and is designed to give your skin a quick boost. You are supposed to break the ampoule, empty the contents on your hand and put that on your face and neck.


I used this serum after using the pink clay mask and I really like the extra boost it gave my skin. My skin felt very soft and hydrated afterwards, and the smell was also very nice. The things I didn’t like about this product is that the serum is very water-y and thin, so it’s kind of an exercise on its own to get it on your face without spilling, and that it comes in such an ampoule. Of course it is very useful to have exactly the right amount of product, but you are supposed to use this multiple times a week, preferably daily, so the amount of plastic packaging keeps piling up. I just think it’s a bit unnecessary to use that much plastic, so I’d prefer to use such a serum from a glass bottle. But that’s just because I try to cut down on plastic waste for the sake of the environment. Besides those little complaints, the product does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it leaves my skin looking nice and healthy.


Next on the list is another face mask, this time the Aztec Legend Clay Mask. This comes again in powder form and has 100% natural ingredients. This is made with calcium bentonite moringa and aloe vera. Just add a little water to the powder and it forms a nice mask which you keep on your face for about 20 minutes.


According to Biovène, this mask is very ‘aggressive’, so if you have sensitive skin you shouldn’t use it the full twenty minutes. That’s why I only applied the mask to a small part of my face and kept it on for about ten minutes. I have to be honest, I really did not like the smell of this mask. The smells of dried leaves and clay is not a good combination to me and it made the mask smell very musty in my opinion. But if you like that, you do you. I don’t think the mask was that aggressive, it made my skin feel clean and less oily, but it didn’t dry out my skin. So that’s really good. Although I really like what this did for my skin, I just don’t think I can use this mask more often, due to the smell, haha.


The final product is a bit of a weird one: the My Hump Booty Mask. It’s a clay mask containing Australian pink clay, kakadu plum, pomegranate and mangosteen, which is especially designed to rejuvenate your butt. Yes, you hear that right. It’s a butt mask. It again consists of 99.4% natural ingredients, which is always amazing, but this one comes in the complete paste form, so you can put it on your butt immediately.

This was such a weird experience. I’ve never tried a booty mask before, because why would you ever think of putting a mask on your butt? It actually was quite nice and the smell of the mask was really enjoyable. Also the consistency of the paste was just a bit more jelly than I’m used to, and that was really nice. It means the scoop of paste you just grabbed doesn’t fall apart while you try to get it on your butt. It stays together until you start spreading it out and I really liked that about it. I’m just not sure if it actually did something for my booty, though. Of course, you’ll have to use a mask multiple times over a longer period to actually see effect, but I can’t tell you if it did something after the first use. I’m also not sure if I would do such a mask again soon, because it’s just a little less comfortable than doing a face mask. You have to lay on your stomach, or just stand/walk around, for twenty minutes without pants. So I would prefer doing a face mask if I plan on doing a self care evening. It was, however, fun to try once.


Final thoughts: I really liked the effects of the mask and how they were made. All skincare from Biovène is cruelty free and uses almost completely natural ingredients, most of their products are even vegan. The consistency of all the masks is very enjoyable and they’re not a pain to remove once you’re done. The Native Secret Clay Mask is definitely my favourite and I wouldn’t mind using this one again, so I would definitely recommend this one. I do also recommend the Detox Ampoule, if you’re not so big on plastic waste, and the Aztec Legend Clay Mask, if you don’t mind a leaf-y smell. The My Hump Booty Mask was nice to use, but I’m just not sure if I would use it on a regular basis. But it is a fun thing to try out.

I hope this review gave you a nice look at what the Biovène skincare products are like and which ones are good to use. I’ll see you next time!


Biovène products are available at Kruidvat


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