Thoughts on Climate Change

Climate change scares me a lot. I’ve been looking into it a bit more lately. It scares me to hear that if we don’t change our ways, the effects will be irreversible in 12 years. It scares me that I might not even have a future, because by the time I’m that old the earth will be mostly destroyed. And most of all, I’m scared that I care about these things and that so many people don’t seem to care at all. So today I wanted to shine a little light on this matter, in the hope that it makes one person care a little bit more.

We are currently living in the anthropocene, an era defined by humans. Almost everything that is going on with the earth right now is due to human evolution. The ice is melting, the oceans and forests are dying, multiple species are facing extinction, and nature is running out of space. In a way, humans have hijacked the planet. And if we keep going like we do, we will eventually run out of earth. And I would rather not live to see that moment, so I decided to improve myself a bit. Because, it al starts with yourself. 

I think it’s important to work on a better future. It’s important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and littering in as much ways as possible. Of course, the bigger companies play a big part in these things, but if we don’t set an example and if we don’t show what we want, they will most definitely not adjust their ways. So we, the people, have to start doing the right thing. And it’s pretty easy to do the right thing. I’m a firm believer of ‘all the small things help a bit’, so even showering just a few minutes shorter helps the environment.

Personally, I have made a couple adjustments to my lifestyle that, hopefully, affect the climate in a positive way. I’ve always been against littering, so that’s one thing I never do. If I can’t find a proper bin, I take my trash home so I can recycle it. I always try to recycle my garbage, but most importantly plastic. I’m also trying to reduce plastic use and single use products. I always use a reusable water bottle, I currently use paper straws if I really need to use a straw, and I just bought a bamboo toothbrush. Also, when I get groceries, I try to buy products with the least packaging materials. These are just small things on their own, but if more people would do these things, plastic production can be reduced. 

Recently I also moved to a more plant-based diet. When I’m cooking for myself I eat vegetarian, and vegan when I can. The meat industry plays a very big role in the emission of greenhouse gasses, so by consuming less meat and animal products, this industry and its emission might decrease. And this is also great for my health and my wallet. I eat a lot more fresh vegetables now, and meat is pretty expensive compared to vegetables. Another thing that I do which is also great for both the environment and my wallet, is shopping second-hand. I love going through thriftstores and second-hand clothing apps to find the cutest items. It’s amazing what cool things you can get for such small prices, and it also helps reduce the fast-fashion industry, which is bad for the environment. 

And I’m not trying to say that I’m such a saint, and that everything I do is perfect. I’m not on a completely plant based diet, even though that is the best diet for the environment, I’m sometimes not able to recycle, or use my reusable products, and a lot of groceries still come with a lot of packaging material. When I need some good fashion basics that’ll last me a long time, I do tend to buy these from bigger companies sometimes. I also want to travel to some faraway places, which are best reached by plane. But nobody can be perfect. I just wanted to name a few changes that I made in my life that work towards a more sustainable future, to show how easy it is to help the environment a bit. And you don’t have to live a perfectly sustainable life, but if everyone would make a few, tiny changes for the better, the overall impact would be insane.

With this article I wanted to inspire people to make little changes, because every little thing helps. Especially if more people start to do those things. And, as I tried to show, it’s extremely easy to make a few changes. Maybe buy a reusable water bottle, or try to pick up the trash that you find during a walk. Every little bit helps, and the time to help the earth, is now.

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