Tutorial: Infinity Gauntlet Inspired Makeup Look

By now, I think half the western population will have seen Avengers Endgame. Even people who don’t like Marvel movies will, at least, have seen some parts of this movie. Be it in trailers, memes, or the entire movie itself. I got to see it the second it was released in the Netherlands, which was really cool. I definitely needed some time to recover after watching this movie, and after some time the inspiration finally started kicking in. So today I wanted to show you how I made a, quite simple, Infinity Gauntlet inspired makeup look. Let’s jump into it!

We’ll start with the base. I wanted to do a mainly gold look, to represent the actual gauntlet. I started with, of course, an eye makeup primer. Then I applied colour number 7, a orange-ish colour close to my skintone, from the Revolution Reloaded Velvet Rose palette in the crease and on my brow bone as a transition colour. I went on to apply go for it, a nice yellow, from the Jessie Paege x Tarte palette on my entire lid and blending it with the transition colour. As always, eyeshadow shades that don’t have a name, so the Revolution palette shades, are shown in the picture.

The next step is all about deepening the colour. I used a bit darker brown with an orange undertone for this; colour 6 from the Revolution Reloaded Velvet Rose palette. I blended this into my crease, and later I went back in with go for it and colour 7 to blend the look even better and make the yellow on my lid pop more.

I wanted to do a gold eyeliner, but since I don’t have this I am using gold eyeshadow. This means I had to carve out the eyeliner shape first with some concealer. I used the Nyx Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer in Alabaster and a very thin eyeliner brush for this.

Obviously, the next step is to apply the gold. I used a thin, sturdy brush to first apply colour 2 from the Revolution palette to the eyeliner, and then applying Wig from the James Charles x Morphe palette on top of it. For a bit more sparkle I applied colour 5 from the Revolution palette to the inner corner of my lid blending inwards.

With the eyeliner finished, only a few small steps remain. First I applied concealer under my eyes and then Single, a purple shade, from the James Charles palette to my lower lash line. The purple is a small nod to Thanos. Then I applied Face from the same palette as a highlighter to my inner corner and brow bone. On my brow bone I also glued some rhinestones in the same colours as the infinity stones. I actually didn’t have all the colours, so for some colours I used a silver rhinestone and painted acrylic paint on top of it. To finish this look I applied mascara.

And that is the look all finished! It’s a bit more artistic than your usual makeup look, but it’s also not very complicated. That’s why I like it. Let me know what you think of it and send me pictures if you recreate this look, or something inspired by it. I’ll see you next time!

Products used in this post:

  • Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer in C3
  • Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder
  • Essence My Musthaves Eyeshadow in 20 Black is Back
  • Max&More EyebrowGel in 220 Transparent
  • Max&More EyeshadowPrimer in Eye Makeup Base
  • James Charles x Morphe palette
  • Jessie Paege x Tarte palette
  • Revolution Re-Loaded palette in Velvet Rose
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

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