Small Action Beauty Haul with Reviews

One thing I love to do is to go to the Action and just pick some new beauty items that I can try out. The Action is perfect for this, because they have a mix of things that are amazing, and things that are less amazing, and the items are always cheap. Perfect to try out some new products. The last time I went, I bought a few new beauty items and today I’m reviewing them all. So if you love short reviews and budget-proof beauty products, keep reading!

Lip mask: €0.59, Face mask: €0.69

The first two products are skincare products. I got a Gold Lip Mask and the #Selfiemask Facial Sheet Mask. The first is a little lip shaped, hydrogel mask that is especially designed to make your lips soft and kissable. It was easy to apply, it stayed on nicely, and it made my lips feel very soft. I’ve seen similar lip masks for about 5 times the price, and this one is not much worse than those. The price-quality ratio is very good, I would really recommend trying this out once.

The sheet mask was a bit too drenched in serum, but it did hydrate my skin very well. The actual llama print on the mask was terrifying, but it’s a fun mask to try when having a girls night. For actual routine skin care, I would not use this, but for a ‘once in a while, just for fun’ kind of thing, it’s great.

Foundation: €1.49

The next product is the Max&More Foundation Matt in the colour 127 Soft Beige. The coverage of this foundation is amazing and it’s very creamy, the problem is that it only comes in two colours. And neither of those colours is good for my skin tone. So if you’re a bit more tan, I would recommend trying this out, especially since it’s so cheap. But if you’re more of a pasty-white gal, don’t try it. Or if you have a really dark skin tone. The two shades are made for lightly tanned people only. Max&More needs to step up with the colour range!

Concealer Pen: €1.29

It’s the same problem for the Max&More Brightening Concealer Pen. The formula again is great, but the shade range is terrible. It comes in three shades, and the one I tried is the light one with a grey undertone, 142 Nude. On my skin it just looks orange. For the price, the product is amazing, but the shade range leaves a lot to wish for.

Lip Gloss: €0.99

When I saw this fun lipgloss, the Meeki Space Dive Lip Gloss in 377 Cosmic Ray, I just had to have it. Who doesn’t want a beautiful, sparkly gloss with an iridescent effect? In some light it has pink sparkles, and in other light it’s blue/green. As you can see on the swatch below, the sparkles seem very green. It’s just a really nice gloss to wear on top of a lipstick to give it that extra shine, or to just wear it by itself. I like it.

Eyebrowgel: €0.99

And the final product I tried is the Max&More EyeBrow Gel in the colour 220 Transparent. I heard some good things about this gel, so I just had to try it. Especially since eyebrows are the most important part of my day-to-day look. Since I already fill in my brows, I didn’t need a coloured gel, I just needed something to keep my brows in place. That’s why I chose the transparent shade. And I love it. It almost glues down my brows, but not in an annoying way. It keeps them in shape all day, and it gives the hairs just a tad more volume. I really enjoy using this and I actually use it every time I wear makeup now.

And that concludes today’s reviews. If there are any products from the Action that you want me to try out, please let me know because I love to do so. I really enjoy just playing with beauty products. Let me know what you think of today’s post, and I’ll see you next time!


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