OOTD: The Most Hypebeast That I’ll Ever Be

If there is one clothing style that I’ll never really try, it’s the hypebeast look. It just isn’t for me, and that’s fine. However, I do like some brands and items that are popular in this type of street fashion, so I was very excited when I got a cute ‘hypebeast’ bag from my boyfriend. I just used it to make an outfit in my own style. If you want all the details on my outfit, keep reading!

The thing I love about this outfit is that it’s so me. The shoes and choker make it a big more grungy, while also incorporating the new hypebeast style. And yellow is my favourite colour.

Top: Primark

Skirt: Primark

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Dr. Martens

Socks: Oreo (Promotion gift supermarket)

Necklace: AliExpress

And finally, we’re talking about the bag. This is a knock-off Off-White bag. I really love the little detail of the binder clip, and the yellow strap fits my colour scheme so well (black and yellow, black and yellow). It’s a really handy bag,, and for a knock-off it looks really good.

Bag: Wish

And that’s it for today! It took me a while to actually know how to style this fun skirt, so I’m very happy that I managed to make such a cute outfit with it. I really like this outfit, and I hope you do too. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of this article, and I’ll see you next time!

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