Review: Action Makeup Brush Cleaner

Today I have a small review for you of one of my recent buys. I’ve always been intrigued by brush cleaners, but I never bought one because they are all pretty expensive. I just washed my brushes with shampoo and that worked just fine, but I did want to try out an actual brush cleaner once. So when I saw that Action sold budget cleaners, I knew I had to get one. Today I’ll tell you all about my experience with this brush cleaner.

First of all, this Brush Cleaner comes in a handy sized bottle (200 mL) and it has a cute, pink colour. The smell is nice and cleaen, but not too overwhelming. Those aspects are all great, but does the product actually work well? You put a bit of the cleaner in the lid, or another small bowl, and you dip your brushes in there. As soon as you start moving your dirty brush through the cleaner, it starts pulling out all the product. You can see all the makeup being dragged out of the brush into the bowl of cleaner. It’s so extremely easy!

The only thing that I didn’t like is that when you start rubbing your brushes on a towel to dry them and get the last bit of product out, the cleaner that is still in the brush will start foaming. So what I did is, after going through the cleaner with my brush, go through a little bowl of water to get the cleaner out. Then just rub my brushes on a towel to get the last bits out, and you have clean brushes! It’s a really nice and easy product to use and I’m really happy I got this. And that for the amazing price of 89 cents! Can you believe it?

I really recommend getting this brush cleaner if you’re on a budget, because it’s almost even cheaper than using your shampoo. And my brushes were so clean after using this. It’s a great product!

And that concludes today’s (very short) article. Let me know if you like these shorter reads, so I might be able to do more of them. I can imagine that sometimes it’s nicer to just read something short than make time to read a 1000-2000 word review. So let me know what you think of this set-up. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!

This Makeup Brush Cleaner is available at Action for €0.89.


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