OOTD: Styling a Grandma Skirt

Recently I bought a beautiful, long skirt in a second hand shop. If you’ve seen my thriftstore video, you have already seen this skirt. Today I wanted to show how I actually style it, because a grandma skirt isn’t an easy thing to style in a bit more modern way. Let’s get into it!

The best thing about this skirt? IT HAS POCKETS! And nice, big pockets as well. I can fit my keys, wallet and phone in them and you can barely see I have something in my pockets. It’s amazing.

I tried making this beautiful skirt a bit more modern by adding a nice pair of heels and a simple top. Sometimes I wear it with a white blouse, but that gives it a very old-fashioned look. So I like wearing it with a simple, tight top that fits the colour scheme.

Top: Primark

Skirt: Michael Hope (Thrifted)

Earrings: AliExpress

Shoes: Primark

And that’s the outfit! The key to styling such a statement piece as this skirt, is to keep everything else very subtle. I hope you got some inspiration from this post, and I hope you liked it. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you soon!


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