Review: Biovène NextLash Plus+ Lash Treatment

A little while ago I wrote a review of a few fun skincare products by Biovène. This time, they sent me a new lash treatment to try out. I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks, so I thought it would be fun to write a little review about it. So if you’re curious about this new lash treatment, definitely keep reading!

The Biovène NextLash Plus+ Dramatic Eyelash Nourishing Serum is made of vitamins, polypeptides and natural plantextracts. It is 99% natural, cruelty-free, and is to be applied everyday for 8 weeks. It promises longer, thicker and stronger lashes, and the effects should be visible after only 4 weeks. Let’s see if that is true.

I quite like the simple packaging of the serum. It’s easy to bring with you and it looks quite classy.

The applicator is like an eyeliner brush. It is very easy to apply the serum with this, since you apply it like eyeliner. I didn’t really notice the serum being on my eyelid after applying it, so that is nice. I have been using it almost everyday for about 6 weeks now, so let’s see what the effects are.

Before treatment
After treatment

I wouldn’t immediately say that my lashes have grown longer. If they even have, it isn’t visible on camera. The change I do mostly see, is that my lashes have grown thicker and therefore a bit darker. I do enjoy this change, but I am a bit sad that my lashes haven’t grown longer. I also believe that they have grown at least a little bit stronger at the root, since I have had less lashes falling out lately. Which of course is amazing, but the changes that I see aren’t as drastic. I have heard people screaming that this serum had grown their lashes almost twice as long in 2 weeks, but I just don’t see that happening to mine.

As I said, I do think this serum has a positive effect on my lashes. Do I think it’s a miracle product? No. Definitely not. However, it isn’t as expensive and it’s easy to incorporate in your daily routine, and it does have a small, positive effect on my lashes. So if you’re looking for something to help your lashes grow, maybe try this serum. I’ve heard so many people say it has done wonders for them, and maybe it just doesn’t work as well on me. It was nice to try out and I will continue using it, but I am not exactly sure if I would buy it again. The effect on my lashes just wasn’t as great. But that can happen!

I want to thank you for reading today’s article, and I’ll see you next time!

Biovène NextLash Plus+ is available at Kruidvat for €9,99

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