Review: Grafix Haunted Skull Nail Kit (Halloween)

As soon as Action had their shelves filled with Halloween stuff, I got everything that looked remotely interesting to me. I got a lot of stuff for my upcoming Halloween party, but also just stuff that I wanted to try or be creative with. One of those things was a cute nail-art kit. It’s available in different patterns and colours, but I decided to go with the Haunted Skull version. I have tested it thoroughly, and today I’m going to tell you all about this cute, little set. So let’s get into it!

This little nail kit is by the brand Grafix, which also produces children’s craft supplies, so I wasn’t expecting high quality from this kit. Also since it was only 99 cents. However, the packaging looks adorable with the coffin-shaped box and the tutorial on it.

The package consists of two small nailpolishes, in orange and black, some sticky rhinestones and some googly-eyes. One thing that I noticed right away, is that there is no template whatsoever. The packaging shows you how to make this nice skull on your nail, but it’s extremely detailed. You would expect that there would at least be something like a template in the packaging. But nope. You’ll just have to free-hand it.

So I decided to kind of recreate the nails on the packaging, just like you’re supposed to do with this kit. I started by painting all of my nails orange. The first thing I noticed here, was the awful smell coming from the nailpolish. It was just terrible. You could describe it as a mix of rotten fruit and the most chemical scent you have ever smelled. It’s not enjoyable, at all. At first glance, the formula of the nailpolish is just fine. It wasn’t streaky and it had the right consistency. The problem is that after two fat layers, some spots still weren’t opaque. And after the nailpolish had dried, it wasn’t smooth like normal nailpolish. The surface was al dent-y and bubbly, just very textured. It was a strange thing to see, and not really a nice look on your nails. One, and maybe the only, positive aspect was that the polish dried fairly quick.

And then I went on to make a beautiful skull design on my nail. Since there was no template, I had to free-hand it with the normal brush that comes with the black polish. In itself, this wasn’t so terrible, and I managed to create a decent skull shape. However, I wasn’t able to make it nice and smooth, and I couldn’t put any detail into it. So the skull itself was already not looking that handsome, and it wasn’t even fully my fault. Then I started applying the googly-eyes and the rhinestones in the same fashion as the tutorial. And wasn’t that a sh*tshow. The googly-eyes were five times bigger than on the picture, which made it almost impossible to actually put two next to eachother on my nail. Same for the rhinestones. The ones on the packaging look like tiny dots, while the actual rhinestones were about as big as the googly-eyes were supposed to be. So that wasn’t working in my favor either. Let’s look at the results.

Oof. Talk about an expectations versus reality post, right? As you can see, the skull shape is barely visible due to the huge eyes and rhinestones. I also really couldn’t fit any more accessories on my nail. How the tutorial managed to put 18 rhinestones on one nail, is a mystery to me. Well, if the rhinestones were half a millimeter wide just like on the picture, it wouldn’t be that hard, no.

After wearing this beautiful look for about ten minutes, the first googly-eye started falling off. Quickly followed by the other one and, about five minutes later, the rhinestones. Since my nail was looking botched, I decided to just peel off the nailpolish (I know this is bad for your nails, but I was too lazy to grab polishremover. Oops). Usually, nailpolish will then kind of crumble off in pieces. Not this nailpolish though. No, this one just came off in one whole piece. And it was stretchy. Yes, stretchy. The piece of nailpolish literally felt like playing with a deflated balloon. It felt like straight up rubber. That can’t be good, right?

So, I knew I had to set my expectations very low for this kit. It is probably meant for children, plus the packaging was already a bit deceiving. However, I didn’t expect it to be this bad. I wouldn’t even want to spent 99 cents on this. I guess it might be fun for children, since they are definitely not able to recreate the tutorial and will most likely just play around with all the stuffies. However, I might not even give this to my hypothetical child. Just because I’d have to sit in the awful smell of those nailpolishes while they are playing with them.

Besides that it might be fun for children, I have no positive thing to say about this nail kit. If you actually want to use it to make a nice nail-art, you should definitely not get this. Not even for 99 cents. This just shows that, cheap products might be really good most of the time, but sometimes a cheap product is just that: a cheap product.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

Grafix Haunted Skull Nail Kit – At Action for €0.99


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