Portugal Zoo Pictures

When I was in Portugal with my family this summer, we had a day where we just wanted to actually do something, but we weren’t sure what. After some googling and looking around, we got the idea to visit a zoo in the neighbourhood: Lagos Zoo. I took a lot of pictures there and today I’m showcasing the best ones. Let’s get into it!

It was a pretty small zoo, and about 60% of all animals were birds. Which was actually pretty cool, but pretty hard to take nice pictures of due to the cages. Oh well, I took as many nice pictures as I could. The first one here being of a black swan and her babies. They had a pretty big black swan family, which is quite special. They were beautiful and I couldn’t just not take a picture.

A wallaby hiding behind a wallaby sign.
These beautiful aras looked so cozy together!
Timón on the look-out
Don’t mess with me or my son ever again!

In Lagos Zoo they actually have a lot of animals who had to be taken in due to poor health, or because they were abused. This beautiful lady was missing an eye. I can’t tell you how that happened, since I don’t know, but it does make her very unique.

The colours on this cranebird are just amazing!
You’re being watched…
Another picture of the black swan babies, because why not?

And lastly, a sleepy boi. I hope you enjoyed these pictures, I definitely enjoyed looking back at them and editing them. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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