Review: Essence x Pac-Man Blush Palette and Eyeshadow Palette

Who doesn’t love the iconic yellow circle with its never-ending hunger? That’s why, when I heard Essence had released a collection in collaboration with Pac-Man, I ran to the store immediately. I just had to have at least one of the products. After a quick inner debate, I decided to get the blush palette and de eyeshadow palette. Today I’ll tell you exactly what I think of these products. Let’s get into it!

Let’s start with the blush palette. I really wanted to get this since I don’t really have a good blush, and such a little palette seemed perfect for me. The packaging is adorable. It feels very sturdy and secure with it being closed by magnets. On the front you can find Pac-Man himself and the iconic ghosts.

On the inside you find a game over sign, which is a cute little detail. The palette contains four different blush shades with different finishes. Shade one is an old pink colour with a very shimmery finish. Shade two is a lighter pink with a light shimmer. Shade three is a pretty bright pink with a matte finish and shade four is a peachy satin shade.

The swatches all have great pigment for blush. I don’t want my blushes to be highly pigmented, because that makes it really difficult to get a nicely blended, sublte blush. It’s better if the colours have slightly less pigment, but are easily buildable, which is exactly the case for this product. I also really like the shade variation in this palette. It gives a lot of options for such a small, cheap palette.

I am really happy with this blush palette. The colours are beautiful and the formula is great, which makes the colours easily buildable. It’s a great addition to my makeup collection.

The Essence x Pac-Man Blush Palette is available at Kruidvat for €3,59

I wasn’t sure if I should buy the eyeshadow palette as well, since the colours aren’t that special. Finally, I caved. The packaging was too adorable to leave behind. It’s a little maze like in the original game, and the little Pac-Man can actually move around. It’s a really cute concept and it really was the reason for me to buy this palette.

As I said, I thought the colours in this palette weren’t that special, just some nice basics. There’s a few nice brown shades to work with, some metallics, some mattes, a highlighter and a pop of colour. It does have everything a palette needs in my opinion. I do really like the colours and it’s a great basic palette to have lying around.

Let’s start with the first row swatches. I really enjoy the metallic shades. The pigment is great in these. The highlight shade also has a decent amount of pigment and actually shows up on my arm, so that’s great. The matte shade here actually makes me pretty happy. It’s tough to create well-pigmented mattes.

And the second row of swatches. As you can see the metallic shades have a lot better pigmentation than the matte shades, but as I said, it’s pretty difficult to create good matte shades. And for such a low-budget palette, the pigment is great. I just would have wanted the yellow to be a bit more out there, however it’s a great shade to add some colour with to your neutral brown look. All the metallic shades feel very nice and creamy, but the mattes are actually a bit chalky and crumble-y, so I do expect some fall-out.

In conclusion, it’s a great palette to have if you want all the basics. And the packaging is the most adorable thing. A great low-budget palette.

I really like this collaboration. There are a few more products in this collection, but I felt like they wouldn’t add enough to my makeup collection to get those as well. So you’ll just have to do with these two reviews. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

The Essence x Pac-Man Eyeshadow Palette is available at Kruidvat for €6,99.


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