Tutorial: Mother Aughra (The Dark Crystal) Inspired Makeup Look

I had never seen the original The Dark Crystal movie before, but I had heard that it was amazing. So when I saw that there was now a prequel series on Netflix, I decided it was finally time to watch the movie and the series. And I fell in love. The original movie is lovely, and the series is a great prequel to it. It answers all the questions you might have had in the movie. One of my favourite characters is definitely mother Aughra. And after binging the entire show, I felt really inspired to do a look inspired by her. So I did that. Let’s get into it!

Because I am not a good enough makeup artist (yet) to actually recreate Aughra, I decided to just do makeup inspired by her look. If you want to see someone actually recreate her face, you should check out @lynzmua on Instagram. She did an amazing job turning herself into Aughra. However, if you want a more toned-down version of Aughra, you’re at the right place.

Let’s just start with the first step, because where else are you gonna start? I did my base makeup the way I always do it. Primer, foundation, concealer, powder and contour (full list of products at the bottom of this post).

When your base is ready, we can start with the ‘weird’ part of the tutorial. I thought it would be fun to draw Aughra’s eye on my own forehead. I started by drawing an outline using a white eyepencil in the centre of my forehead. Then I filled in the eyeshape with yellow eyeshadow (go for it from the Jessie Paege x Tarte palette).

Then I decided to bring some depth to the eye by blending in multiple dark brown shades along the edge. I started with a light brown with an orange undertone (Punch me from the James Charles x Morphe palette), blending it from the edge of the eye towards the inside. Then doing the same with a darker brown (Tea from the James Charles palette) and later an even darker brown (Benny from the James Charles palette).

To give it more of an eyeshape, I sculpted the edges using concealer and a small, flat brush. Then I applied the lightest and middle brown colours a little away from the edge of the eye, to make it look as if the skin was folding up around the eye. Then I gave the eye a bit of a highlight by applying a brighter yellow colour (Bee from the James Charles palette) in the middle and then some white (Flashlight from the James Charles palette) in the centre.

Now our fake eye is done, we can continue to our real eyes. I used the same colours as for the fake eye here. After applying primer, I started by blending the light brown shade into the crease and brow bone. Then I blended the medium brown shade into the crease and outer corner of the lid.

I deepened the colours a bit by blending the darkest brown shade into the outer corner of the lid. Then I did a half cut-crease using a flat brush and concealer. I applied the deep yellow (go for it) to the concealer.

The next step is matching the undereye to the upper lid. I blended the light brown towards the inside of the eye and the medium brown towards the outside. I then applied the brighter yellow as an inner corner highlight. I also did my eyebrows in the meantime, exactly the way I usually do them. Nothing special there.

And then I applied the finishing touches to the look. I put on some black mascara and highlighter. For the lips I chose a dark brown, matte liquid lippie by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

And that completes the Aughra inspired look! I really like doing movie and series inspired makeup looks, so if you have any fun characters that you want me to recreate, please let me know. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

Products used in this article:

  • Max&More FacePrimer in Illuminating
  • Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Makeup in 010 Light Beige
  • Revolution Conceal&Define Concealer in C3
  • BAE by HEMA Shake Up Baking Powder in Banana
  • Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder
  • Max&More Bronzing Powder Matt in 150 LA Heat
  • Max&More EyeshadowPrimer in Eye Makeup Base
  • James Charles x Morphe palette
  • Jessie Paege x Tarte palette
  • Essence My Musthaves Eyeshadow in 20 Black is Back
  • Max&More EyebrowGel in 220 Transparent
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
  • Catrice GLOW Mineral Highlighting Powder in 010 Light Infusion
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Bittersweet


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