Review: Max&More Lipstick Vault

I’ve been eyeing this new product ever since Max&More announced the coming of it on Instagram. So when I was on a run to the Action today, I also did a quick look through the makeup isle, and, low and behold, there it finally was! So yes, I took the Lipstick Vault with me. Duh. Today I’m telling you all about this ‘new’ collection and all my opinions on it. Let’s get into it!

So, what exactly is the Lipstick Vault? Well, it’s very simple. It’s just the entire lipstick collection of Max&More in one box, for only six euros. Before I bought this box, I had two lipsticks by this low-budget brand, which I really loved. These lipsticks are amazing for the prize I paid for it. So when I heard you could get the entire collection in one pretty box, I knew I had to cop it, just to see if all the other lipsticks were just as good. And to expand my lipstick collection, of course. You can also get all these lipsticks in pairs instead of the entire collection at once.

Let’s talk a bit about the packaging. I love it. I just do. It feels like I’ve been sent a beautiful PR package. It feels sturdy and expensive, with the magnetic lid. And it’s easy to pick the colour you need, since the cardboard around the lipstick is in the lipstick’s colour. In this vault are twelve lipsticks, and the names are also on the cardboard inside the box, which I really like. But you don’t need to keep the lipsticks in the box, if you don’t want that. The names of the lipsticks are also just on the bottom of each lipstick. So you can either keep the packaging, or don’t.

As much as I love the packaging of the Vault, I still don’t love the packaging of the lipsticks themselves. The plastic lids look and feel very cheap and don’t do the lipsticks justice. However, the lipsticks are very cheap, so I can’t really be mad at this.

As I mentioned, there are twelve lipstick shades in this collection. The first six shades are more shiny lipsticks, the Longlasting Lipsticks, and the last six are Matt Lipsticks. So I decided to swatch them divided in those groups. Let’s start swatching!

From left to right: 322 Hot Kiss, 336 Peach Passion, 320 Sweet Punch, 338 Rodeo Rose, 339 Truffle, and 321 Crème Brulee
From left to right: 322 Hot Kiss, 336 Peach Passion, 320 Sweet Punch, 338 Rodeo Rose, 339 Truffle, and 321 Crème Brulee

First up are the Longlasting shades. First thing I noticed is that they are extremely creamy. The swatches aren’t one-swipe swatches, but who wears just one swipe of lipstick anyway? The lipsticks get opaque very quickly and are nicely buildable. I really enjoy that there are a few ‘inconvenient’ colours in there, and a few more neutral shades.

From left to right: 317 Scarlett Red, 303 Desert Kiss, 319 Indigo Plum, 318 Toasted Taupe, 302 Rusty Rose, and 301 Naked Nude
From left to right: 317 Scarlett Red, 303 Desert Kiss, 319 Indigo Plum, 318 Toasted Taupe, 302 Rusty Rose, and 301 Naked Nude

The matte shades were almost just as creamy as the shiny shades. However, as matte as the lipsticks looked in their packaging, as shiny as they are in a swatch. They don’t actually swatch very matte. I’m not mad at it though, because I wasn’t necessarily looking for matte shades, but this could be a bit deceiving. They also worried me a bit more than the shiny shades, since my arm hairs were showing up a lot more in the swatches than with the shiny shades. So I was a bit scared that the lipsticks would run in my lip lines.

Top row from left to right: 322 Hot Kiss, 336 Peach Passion, and 320 Sweet Punch
Bottom row from left to right: 339 Truffle, 303 Desert Kiss, and 319 Indigo Plum

I also did lip swatches of half of the colours. I did most of the more unconventional colours, and a colour that I just really loved. Of all of these, Desert Kiss is definitely my favourite. It just fits my skin tone so well. Oh well, I’m drifting off topic. The swatches look extremely good. Only Indigo Plum showed patchiness in some areas. Some of them also started running into my lip lines, but since the pigmentation is very good, you don’t really notice this unless you’re looking really up close. So I don’t really care about that, for such budget lipsticks.

The lipsticks feel really nice on the lips. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a thick layer, and the creaminess makes it feel like my lips are at least a little bit hydrated. One thing to notice about these though, is that they have a very strong scent. I can’t describe what the scent is, but it’s strong. I think it’s a quite enjoyable smell, but someone else might not think so. So that’s one thing to keep in mind before purchasing.

In conclusion, I really, really love these lipsticks. They aren’t perfect, but for what you pay for it, you can’t really expect them to be. They do get close to perfect, though. The pigment is amazing, they feel really creamy and they wear very well. The colour range within the Vault is also great, ranging from different neutral shades to a couple brighter and more unusual shades. It gives you a lot of different options to experiment with.

I am really happy I got this new box, and I would definitely recommend getting it if you’re into Max&More lipsticks and you want to drastically expand your collection. If you want to try these lipsticks out, but you don’t want to be stuck with twelve different shades, you can get the lipsticks in packages of two for about a euro. These lipsticks are just amazing and a great addition to any makeup collection! Have you tried the Max&More lipsticks yet? Let me know what you think of them and which one is your favourite.

I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

The Max&More Lipstick Vault is available at Action for €5,95 and pairs of lipsticks are available at Action for €0,95

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