Review: Catrice Gold Effect Nail Polish

Some of you may recall that this blog used to be a nail art blog. Yes, you read that right. It used to be all about nail polish and everything that comes with it. Since that isn’t really what my blog is about anymore, but I do still love a good nail polish, I sometimes do write about it. So for today I’m reviewing a polish from Catrice’s new Gold Effect collection. Let’s get into it!

The Gold Effect Nail Polish line is available in 8 different shades. They all have some kind of gold glitter or shimmer in them, which I think makes for a great collection. I chose colour 07 Lustrous Seduction. This is a beautiful dark reddish-purple with gold glitters. The packaging of the Catrice nail polishes is always amazing, and I love that they switched the black out for gold for this collection. Also: this entire collection is completely vegan! We love that.

Underneath the gold lid, there is a second lid. This is just something that I find really smart. The gold lid is for the aesthetic, and the black lid is to handle the brush easier. The brush is just a normal nail polish brush, nothing special. It isn’t broken or weirldy shaped, so that’s great.

The polish applied really easy and not streaky at all. After two layers it was completely opaque. It also dried pretty fast, which is great for an impatient person like me. The colour itself is absolutely beautiful. In some light it appears almost black, in other lights it’s a beautiful purple and in other light it shows the amazing gold effect. I am in love with this colour! I also feel like it’s perfect for christmas, so this collection comes right on time.

I don’t think I have anything negative to say about this nail polish. It’s beautiful, the formula is great, the packaging is amazing, and it’s vegan! No cons to find in this post. I really recommend this polish, and all the other colours look amazing as well, so definitely let me know if you tried one of the other shades, because now I’m curious!

Let me know what you think of this new collection by Catrice.and if you tried it. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

The Catrice Gold Effect Nail Polish collection is available for €3,59 at Kruidvat, Etos and Trekpleister


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