A Day in my Life: My 20th Birthday!

As you know, I love sharing personal bits every once in a while. I’ve been thinking of doing ‘day in my life’ photologs, to show you a bit more of what my life is like. And what better day to start with than my birthday? The 3rd of October I turned 20 and I did a lot of fun stuff. Today I’m taking you with me. Let’s get into it!

So, this might sound a bit weird, but my birthday kind of started on the 2nd already. My boyfriend’s birthday is on the 2nd and we always celebrate it together, so we both kind of have two days to celebrate our birthday. So lets start on wednesday. I went over to my boyfriend’s place when he was done with uni and then we ordered sushi. We spent some time just chilling, eating good food and watching Lilo & Stitch on Disney+. For whoever is wondering, I’ll be writing a full review about this app before it launches worldwide, so be on the look-out for that!

After dinner it was time to hit the city for our datenight. We started by going to the arcadehall, where we spent a couple hours winning as many tickets as we could and just having an over-all great time. I really love going to the arcade, but it’s just terribly expensive. So we save it for special datenights like this one.

Very happy with the 1000 ticket jackpot that we won…

After spending too much money in the arcade, we went over to the cinema to watch the premiere of Joker, which was so much fun. This is the moment where my birhtday actually starts, since we went to the 00:01 viewing. This movie is absolutely amazing (find my full review here). I am so happy I had the time and opportunity to see this movie the second it was released in the Netherlands. I was actually so excited about this movie, that I totally forgot to take a picture in the cinema… Oh well. You’ll just have to do with me rambling about how good the movie is, I guess. Haha.

Since we went to the midnight viewing of the movie, I fell asleep quite late. That also resulted in sleeping in and oversleeping… So I was too late to go to uni, oops. Oh well. I guess I have a day off on my birthday, haha.

After sleeping in, I had a special breakfast. I tried these white chocolate CocoPops for the first time. And honestly, they aren’t nearly as good as the normal chocolate ones. Just saying. Still a great way to start the day, though!

After breakfast, we went over to my place for the rest of the day. One of my friends came over to celebrate and we ate dinner and cake together. That was really fun and I really appreciated him coming over. So when he left there wasn’t that much time left in the day. We decided to just change into our pj’s and enjoy the final hours of the day. I chilled in bed, finishing up my Joker review for the next day, still gawking over the adorable presents I got and the fun days I had. Enjoy this lovely picture of me in my pj’s with my new perfume, which my boyfriend got me.

And then I went to sleep, and that’s how my birthday ended. I’m very grateful for my amazingly fun birthday that I got to celebrate with amazingly fun people. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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