Review: Infinite Beauty Moonlight Eye Shadow Palette

Let’s be honest here, when am I not reviewing makeup from the Action? It’s currently one of my favourite places to get makeup. So of course, I was browsing the makeup section there (again) and stumbled upon this beauty. I decided to take it with me and test it, and today I’m telling you all about it. Let’s get into it!

Let’s just start with the packaging, like we always do. It feels quite sturdy and not that cheap for what you pay for it. I don’t really like the super-shiny cardboard, but that’s just personal preference I think. I do like that it’s all in a galaxy theme.

Hi me! On the inside you find a big mirror, and of course all the shades. I really like this mirror, since the palette is very light and easy to hold up. So it actually makes it very easy to use this mirror. The thing I love most about this palette is that everything stays in the same theme.

All the shades are in a round pan, scattered across the universe, and they’re all named after a moon in our solar system. Also because all the shades are bakes eyeshadows, made out of two shades kind of swirled together, they do really look like how you think moons look like. And all the shades are metallic. Normally I don’t like it when a palette has just mattes or just metallics, but in this case I don’t mind. It fits the theme of this palette very well. I really enjoy the look of this palette. Now let’s see if the eyeshadows are any good.

From left to right: Triton, Thethys, Oberon, Callisto, Charon, and Proteus.
From left to right: Titania, Umbriel, Titan, Enceladus, Lapetus, and Mimas.

Most of these shades, I’m pretty happy about. However, the thing that dissappoints me most is that both red shades are not that good. I was pretty excited for them, but they feel very dry and chalky, and the pigmentation is not great. Besides those two, the shades have pretty good pigmentation and most of them feel creamy. I’m especially excited about Mimas.

I think this is a fun palette that you can grab when you need a good metallic to top off your look. Of course, you can’t really make an eyelook with just this palette, so it’s not something you would take along with you I think. However, the overall look and concept of the palette is great. Some of the shades could have been better, but it’s cheap for a reason. All the other shades are great and I can definitely find a use for them. I’m content.

And that’s my review for today. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

The Infinite Beauty Moonlight Eyeshadow Palette is available at Action for €4,79

2 thoughts on “Review: Infinite Beauty Moonlight Eye Shadow Palette

  1. I have not been in an action in a while. But I was surprised! They suddenly had a lot of nice makeup! Thanks for reviewing 🙂 makes my life a lot easier!

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