My Most Extra Halloween Costume: Darth Maul and Kim Possible

This year was the second year that my boyfriend and I had a Halloween birthday party. Last year was such a success that we just had to do it again. So for this year, I had to think of a new costume idea. And of course, I had way too many ideas. So I decided to be as extra as I could be and come up with two costumes for the night. Want to know how I did that and what they looked like? Keep on reading!

So, the basic idea was that I’d have a costume which would be some kind of caped person, which would cover the second costume completely. So after everyone had arrived to the party, I could just take off my first costume in a matter of seconds and reveal my second costume. Great idea, right? Kinda. But then I had to come up with two costumes that would easily work with this idea.

So the idea for my first costume became Darth Maul. To achieve this look I started with a cheap ‘Grim Reaper’ costume, which would be perfect for covering up look number two, and it had kind of the same vibes as Darth Maul’s suit. But what about the makeup? I also found an easy solution for that. I bought a plain mask and painted it to look like Darth Maul. So I could wear my cape costume with a mask on top of my other costume. The only thing that was missing now was a lightsaber. And I found one for 3 euros at the Action. It could not have been more perfect.

The thing that was so great about this mask idea, is that I could still do a lot for my makeup. Makeup is always my favourite part of a look, and this gave me the opportunity to create something fun. So for look two I wanted something fun and easy, that I could still add some cool makeup to. Last year I did a lot of cool makeup, but my costume in itself didn’t make any sense. So I wanted it to be a bit more consistent this year.

And since I have been going through life as a ginger for the past two years, I thought it would be fun to channel this in my favourite character groing up: Kim Possible. I really loved this show when I was younger, and I have been binging it since Disney+ was released in the Netherlands (review will be up soon!), so this was a perfect idea. I found a cool pair of cargo pants at the Primark that I’m actually able to wear more often, and the top I found at H&M. For shoes I just wore my docs, since I think they add to the spy look a bit. My faux leather gloves are from AliExpress and were actually too big for me.

For the makeup I decided to do a camo green glam look with orange details, just channeling Kim Possible in an eyelook. However, I ended up not doing the weird toplip-only lipstick, because it looked just funny on me. I do think the brown lips really tied the look together, and if I’m honest, I looked really cool!

And those were my Halloween costumes for this year! I know it may seem a bit early, but we don’t really celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands, and we just planned our party a bit early so it was more convenient for the guests. However, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an epic party and that the costumes weren’t great. If you want to know how I threw a student Halloween party, I’ll upload a post about it next Wednesday, so you’ll get to know all the details. But for today, these were my costumes. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

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