How I Threw an Epic Halloween Party (Student Edition)

This is the second year my boyfriend and I have thrown a Halloween party for our birthdays. Last year I completely forgot to take pictures and such, so this year I decided to really think about that and put the entire process into a blogpost. Because we do put a lot of effort into our parties, and we may be able to provide some tips for people who want to know how to throw a cool Halloween party. So let’s get into it!

Let’s first look at how the rooms looked before decorating, so you can see the changes we made.

The first drastic change is the layout of the rooms. We wanted to be able to play beerpong and we wanted the snacks and drinks to be in the kitchen, since the beer has to be in the fridge. So the first thing we did was move the kitchen table towards the desk area in the back of the living room, and we moved the desk towards the kitchen. We did this because the desk isn’t long enough to play beerpong on, so we had to switch the tables. We also moved the sitting area a bit more towards the beerpong area, because the speakers couldn’t be moved. Last time people were just chatting in the sitting area, and they wanted the music more turned down, while people who were dancing and playing beerpong wanted the music to be louder. So we moved the sitting area away from the music, so there was actually a dancing area, so the music didn’t need to be turned down that much.

Next up were, of course, all the decorations. We started with hanging up garlands and such. Most of the decorations we got at the Action throughout this year and last year. Some other stuff we got at SoLow and other things we found throughout the year at different stores. If you want to know about a specific decoration item, feel free to ask!

We wanted most decorations to be in the living room, since people weren’t really gonna be in the kitchen. We started with all the big items such as garlands and lighting. We tried to get as much creepy lighting as possible, so turn on the least lights possible and add some purple or green lighting. Another ‘big’ thing that we did was taping trash bags onto tables. This is a great hack, since it really fits the halloween theme, and it’s so easy to clean up afterwards. It’s for sure that snacks and drinks are going to be spilt during such a party, so it’s great to keep your tables clean. Just take off the trashbags afterwards and throw them away. Easy cleaning!

Then we put up all the smaller decorations, such as fake tea lights, fake candles, crime-scene tape, spiders and spiderwebs. The fake candles I made myself using toilet rolls and a hot glue gun. I made a dripping effect along the edge with the hot glue and then I spraypainted the rolls white. I put in a fake tea light at the top, and there you have your fake candles.

And that’s kind of it for the decorations. We just had a lot of small things that we randomly placed in the rooms, to make it look as good as possible.

Since we’re done in the living room now, we’re moving to the kitchen. We just moved some extra chairs over here so people could grab them if they wanted. We mainly decorated the food and drinks table in here. I had a lot of small lights and decorations, which looked nice on the table. For snacks, I baked Halloween cookies with a friend of mine, and we put some buckets with crisps and M&M’s. The snacks were popular, since they were all gone at the end of the evening. Crisps are always good at student parties!

For drinks we just had beer and hugo, and a lot of stronger drinks. Most of the stronger drinks were mixable, so we also got a lot of fizzy drinks to mix with. Most of the drinks were gone by the end of the evening, so we calculated the amount pretty well. For a student party it’s just nice to have a bit of everything. Good beer is a must (Hertog Jan is my favourite), some hugo (sweet, sparkly, white wine) for the sweet thoothed people, and some stronger drinks for the ones who want to go crazy, or just love some good liquor. And lastly some fizzy drinks for mixing and for the people who don’t want to drink alcohol.

And that’s kind of all the preperations we did for our party. We had a great party and everyone who came was excited about it. Of course, good company is a must for a good party, and I’m pretty sure we have that down every time. We just like to go the little extra mile of doing a themed party, and people really seem to appreciate that.

I hope you may have gotten some inspiration or tips from this post, so you can throw your own epic Halloween party. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

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