Four Quick and Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Maybe you’ve been invited to a Halloween party last minute and you don’t have time to find a costume, or you just want to go to school or work all glammed up and in theme for Halloween. Whatever your situation is, sometimes a simple makeup look is all you need. So today I’m sharing some tips and ideas for easy Halloween makeup.

We’ll start with three eyelooks and we’ll end on a full-face look. For the first look I took my inspiration from some temporary tattoos that I had. If you don’t have very sensitive skin, this is a very great hack to up your Halloween look. Just choose a cool Halloween tattoo and put it on your face. Don’t put it too close to the eyes though!

I worked around this spider tattoo by applying grey eyeshadows all around my eye and then drawing some spiderwebs using black eyeliner. Put on some mascara and you’re done!

Look two is very simple and very cute. For this I used a red lipstick and a small brush. First I drew the two devil horns above my eyebrow and then I went on to do the eyeliner. I started with a normal liner and then extended it towards my eyebrow to make a devil tail. After I was done with applying the lipstick, I wanted it to be a bit more matte and set it, so I applied a red eyeshadow on top of it with a small brush.

Look three is a bit more gory than the other ones. For this I used liquid latex, but you could also use lash glue. I applied the latex to my crease in a very thick layer, and then carved a line in it which would be the cut. When the latex had dried I applied black eyeshadow inside the ‘cut’ and red eyeshadow on the latex and a bit on the lid, to make the skin look irritated. Then I put fake blood inside the gash and dabbed some around the wound. Play around a bit with the blood and the shadows, and you have your own very literal cut crease!

The last look I’m doing is a full-face one, and one I’ve weirdly enough never tried before: the classic scarecrow! I’ve seen this one so, so many times on all social media, but I hadn’t tried it myself yet, so I thought it was time. For this I applied my usual base, but I contoured with a more orange shade than usual. I also applied a lot of peach-coloured blush onto my cheeks. On the nose I applied orange eyeshadow and drew a line around it with black eyeliner, to make it look like a stitched-on patch. For the eyes I did a simple orangy-brown smokey eye and some eyeliner. Below the eyes I drew very thick lashes using my eyeliner. On the lips I wore a brown lipstick, and then drew a black line from one ear, across the mouth, to the other and added some lines to give it that real scarecrow look. To finish everything off I used a brown eyepencil to draw some freckles. This one takes a tad bit more time than the other looks, but it can function as a full costume. Just wear a plaid-like shirt and you’re done! No ones gonna second-guess what you’re dressed as.

And that’s it already for today! I wish I had more time to come up with more looks, but school has definitely been a priority lately, so we’ll have to do with these four. I hope you got some inspiration from today’s post. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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