Review: The Disney+ App

About two months ago the Disney+ app launched in the Netherlands as a testround. Everyone here was able to test and use the app and site for free until the global release date. Of course, I immediately installed the app to see what I could do with it. Today I’ll tell you all about what I think of it and if it’s worth the money.

The first thing that I noticed when I downloaded the app, is that almost every single Disney movie is on it. Every movie that I felt like watching was available. And that is exactly what I expected from the app. I mean, you’re paying to see Disney, so you better get all the Disney you need. Other things that are available on the app are: Pixar movies and shorts, Marvel movies and series, National Geographic series/documentaries and Disney Channel movies and series. I was especially excited about the last feature, because there are a lot of series that I used to watch growing up and that I really would like to get into again. I was also very happy about all the seasons of Dr. Pol that I could watch, and that I could finally see The Nightmare Before Christmas in HD.

For someone who loves Disney and enjoys watching those movies and shows on a regular basis, this app is great. If you only watch a Disney movie every once in a while, you’d maybe be better off just buying the movie somewhere instead of paying a standard fee every month. But for the Disney and Marvel lover, this is great. I have already found a lot of great series and movies that I have added to my list, and I’ve been using this app a bit more than Netflix recently. That’s also because I started watching Kim Possible, and I like just binging one show before moving on to another. The offer on the app is just great and you can find almost anything, all in high quality.

So yeah, for a Disney lover, this app is great. But, it does have a few points of improvement. Especially since almost everyone has Netflix and is used to how that works, this app doesn’t function as perfect (yet, I hope). When you’re watching a serie, after each episode there isn’t a ‘next episode’ option. You just have to quit the episode and move through the list to press play on the next one. Which gets quite annoying after a while. Also, it doesn’t show which episodes you’ve watched. I’m constantly scrolling through seasons to find the episode I ended on last time, because they all look the same.

This also means that the ‘keep watching’ function on your homepage only shows the episodes and movies that you haven’t fully completed, in stead of showing the next episode in the series. This also means that if you click on ‘keep watching’, you start watching that episode. It finishes. And then you have to click it away and manually search for the series to find the episode list and then the next episode. Also, with some series, when you watch an episode and you set the language and subtitle settings to something specific, it doesn’t apply that to the next episodes. So with every single episode you have to change these settings again. It just doesn’t function as nicely yet as I would like to see it. Maybe this will be changed with the global launch, but we’ll see. They do need to change this however, if they want the app to be more user-friendly. Because like this it just isn’t convenient.

Now we’ve talked about all the ups and downs, let’s talk about the price of the app. In Europe you pay €7,99 a month for an account, the same as for Netflix. However, Netflix’ prices move up with the amount of profiles you have on an account. For the Disney+ app, I don’t believe it works that way. Right now I can set up to seven different profiles into one account. So it’s great for sharing in your family, without having to pay a lot more for the amount of members in your family. I really enjoy this. It’s also a fun little extra that every profile can pick its own profile picture from a range of Disney characters. So you can pick your favourite character to represent your Disney addiction.

All in all, I think this app can become something great. Even with the annoying programming mistakes that it has now, I enjoy using the app a lot. And I just keep using it. It’s just so nice to be able to watch my favourite movies whenever I want, and to watch the classics that I haven’t been able to watch yet. If you are into Disney, Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic, I would really recommend getting a subscription. It’s also great for kids, with the Disney Kids feature and just all the Disney movies in general. Your kids (and you of course) could be able to enjoy the best movies whenever they want. What else could you ask for? The app does need a lot of improvement before it is released in other countries, but in itself it’s a great app already. I’m a fan!

I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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