Recap: #ColorMeHalloween Instagram Halloween Challenge

In the thirteen days leading up to Halloween, I participated in a challenge on Instagram by @colormemagic. Everyday there was a theme and you could do whatever you wanted with it. I really like challenging myself creatively, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to step outside the box. Today I’ll show you all the results from the challenge in one post, while I tell you a bit about my thought processes for the themes. Let’s get into it!

Day 1: Harry Potter

This challenge was actually more of a fashion/dressup challenge, but of course you’re free to do whatever you want. So I decided I wanted to do the themes in my own style: makeup. So for day one I made four eyelooks, each representing one of the Hogwarts houses and their crests, while still keeping the looks a bit tied together in the same style.

Day 2: Good Girl Gone Bad

For the ‘good girl gone bad’ theme, I came up with the idea of Alice joining the Red Queen. So, I cut an apron out of a white top and painted hearts on it, to make my dress look the most like a Red Queen version of Alice’s dress. For the makeup I chose a completely red look.

Day 3: Tim Burton Movie

It was only after I had posted my Coraline makeup look, that I realised that Coraline isn’t even a Tim Burton movie. How stupid of me! However, I got so much positive feedback on this look that I decided to keep it up. And I posted an extra picture of my Jack Skellington bound to make up for my mistake.

Day 4: Sidekicks

For the sidekicks theme, I wanted a sidekick with some fun colours so I could really play around with it. And who is more perfect for that than our sweet Dory from Finding Nemo? She’s a fun character and she has some fun colours, so I really enjoyed creating this look.

Day 5: Disney Channel

My look for this day was very easily decided. If I was going to dress up as Kim Possible for my Halloween party, why wouldn’t I use it in this challenge as well? I guess it was a good decision, because it’s my most popular Instagram post to date.

Day 6: Halloween TBT

The idea for this theme was to post a throwback picture from another time you celebrated Halloween, and maybe even recreate it. I only celebrated Halloween three times in my life and never when I was very young, so I didn’t have much to work with. I really wanted to find a picture of my Halloween outfit from when I was 13 so I could recreate it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I decided to post a throwback from 2016 when I did my first SFX makeup for a Halloween themed tennis tournament. On my Instagram I also included some bonus pics of a drunk dressed up me, and a tiny dressed up me.

Day 7: Pixar

I did try to include some more outfit posts, but some themes I just found hard to come up with ideas for. Especially for outfits. So I decided to go with an eyelook again. For this day I chose Kevin, the big bird from the movie Up. Her colours are just beautiful and perfect to turn into a makeup look. So that’s what I did!

Day 8: Inanimate

For some reason, this theme was really tough for me. I wrecked my brain over it many times, but I just couldn’t think of an inanimate object that was fun to turn into a fashion or makeup look. So I chose the most generic inanimate Halloween object: a scarecrow. I do think it turned out cute, so I’m quite happy with the result!

Day 9: Disney Decades

The Disney Decades theme was the theme I really thought of skipping. I like fashion, but I don’t have much knowledge of fashion eras and their styles. Also, I mostly have specific colours in my closet, which don’t really correlate with any fun Disney characters. And definitely not in the context of fashion decades. So, because I really wanted to finish the entire challenge, I came up with this thrown together Snow White 90s era look. I was inspired by the outfits from the movie Clueless, and my yellow skirt was perfect for that. I just added a blue shirt, a black blazer and black knee socks to finish it off. Not my best look, but it was something.

Day 10: Nickelodeon

When I was prepping for this challenge, the Nickelodeon theme was one of the first that I had a concrete idea for. First I just wanted to cosplay Wanda, but then I decided I might as well do Cosmo too. In stead of colouring my hair, I did my makeup in their Iconic colours. I’m really proud of this one!

Day 11: Broadway

The Broadway theme was also a bit hard for me. I’ve only seen one musical in my life, and I don’t think it’s a Broadway one. So I just had to pick something to transform myself into. First I wanted to do Dr. Frank N Furter from the Rocky Horror Show, but I didn’t have that much time until the sunlight was gone, so I went for Elphaba from Wicked. Two days later I still had green paint in my hair.

Day 12: Spooky #DisneyStyle

‘Spooky Disneystyle’ was a bit of a broad concept to me, and I wasn’t really sure what to do for this theme. So I just decided I wanted to do makeup again, and I chose a spooky part of a Disney movie: the poisened apple from Snow White. First I wanted to turn myself into that, but that has been done many times before and I want to be a bit original, so I painted it on one eye and did the other eye in full glam using the same colours. I think it turned out great!

Day 13: Villains

And then we’re onto the final day already. For the theme villains I knew immediately that I wanted to do Hades from Hercules, because he is one of my favourite Disney villains. So I painted his flaming hair onto my eyeball. How fun is that?

And that’s it! It was so much fun working on my blog/Instagram almost daily, and I realised that I wanted to spend more time working on them both. So that’s great! I also really experimented within makeup and it was a great challenge for my creativity to come up with ideas for each day. But I managed to pull it off and it was a lot of fun! I would really recommend sometimes participating in challenges like this, if you like to be creative.

I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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