Review: Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy and Mini Controversy Palettes

Welcome back to my blog! When Shane Dawson announced his new makeup line with Jeffree Star in his docu series, I knew I had to get some of it. After the full announcement, I decided I wanted to get both eyeshadow palettes. So the day of the launch, I stressfully went on every website where I could possibly get my hands on the palettes and just hoped for the best. I am so glad I managed to snatch the palette set! After some waiting time, the set finally arrived at my house and I was able to play with both palettes. Today I’m spilling all the tea on these palettes and telling you all about them. Let’s jump on this bandwagon!

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging. Wow. How could you not love this? I will first go more in depth on the Mini Controversy palette, and then I’ll talk about the Conspiracy palette.

The Mini Controversy palette feels very expensive and heavy. It closes with magnets, and the front is decorated with holographic static. I love everything about this! It’s just beautiful and it fits the theme very well.

Then onto the colours of the Mini Controversy palette. These nine shades look perfect for all different kinds of looks. There are some neutrals for a more natural look and some bright colours that fit well together. There are some metallics and some mattes. You can do a lot of different things with this colour story.

From left to right: Flat Earth, Cry on my Couch, My Boyfriend’s Purse, Controversy, Diet Root Bear, My Apology, Exposed, Cancelled, The Simulation

Since I have never used a Jeffree Star Cosmetics eyeshadow, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the formula. I knew it was great, since it’s so highly praised on the internet, but I wanted to see it for myself. And I was blown away. I have never used such creamy and pigmented eyeshadows. Almost all of them feel buttery and leave amazing colour. The mattes are matte, and have great pigment, and the metallics are extremely metallic. I am most impressed by ‘Cry on my Couch’, since it’s almost the same colour as my skin, but it’s so pigmented that it actually shows up on my arm. Amazing! Only ‘Flat Earth’ was a bit disappointing to me. For such a unique colour, I was sad to see that it didn’t have that much pigment. However, all the colours are easily buildable so you can still get enough colour out of it.

And this is the look I made with the Mini Controversy palette. For this I used Cry on my Couch as a transition shade on my brow bone and Diet Root Beer in my crease. Then I blended My Apology into my crease and on my lid. On the lower lash line I applied a mix of Controversy and Exposed. For the inner corner highlight I used My Boyfriend’s Purse. All the colours blend amazingly and leave great pigment. I can’t wait to play with this little one a bit more.

Then onto the star of the Shane Dawson collection: The Conspiracy palette. When I first saw the packaging on this baby, I fell in love. It fits the theme so well, but it still stays true to Jeffree’s brand. It also feels really heavy and expensive, and the black clasps give it an amazing luxury feel. I just love everything about it.

The colour story is a bit unusual, I must say. And I do understand why many people don’t really like it. When you first look at it, it’s hard to imagine looks with it. However, I let my creativity speak to me and I found lots of great colour combinations. And the colours on their own make a lot of sense, with Shane’s story in mind. Just the combination of these colours might seem a bit weird to others. I do really enjoy it, and it’s definitely unique.

This palette is also very versatile. When you just take the upper row, you can make a lot of beautiful natural looks. The middle row is great for fun, colourful, creative looks, and the bottom row is more for intense glam. And if you want to really be creative and play with it, just use the entire palette and don’t be restricted by the rows.

From left to right: Ranch, My Pills, Tanacon, Diet Root Beer, Just a Theory, Spiraling
From left to right: Conspiracy, Pig-ment, Food Videos, Trisha, Cheese Dust, Flaming Hot
From left to right: What’s the Tea, Diet Cola, Not a Fact, Sleep Paralysis, Iluminatea, My Ride’s Here

I don’t really have much else to say about these swatches than: wow. The pigment in these is amazing! Again, even the shade closest to my skin colour was really visible on my arm. They all feel extremely buttery and the colours are insane. Especially the metallic shades look amazing.

So I of course also had to make a look using this palette. For this I blended What’s the Tea? into my crease. Then I took Not a Fact and blended that in my inner and outer corner onto the lid, to create a halo effect. I made a halo cut crease in the middle of my lid using concealer, and then applied the shade Trisha in the centre. I blended this outwards together with Not a Fact. On the lower lash line I applied the shade Trisha as well. Then I popped Ranch on the inner corner, and the centre of the lid to give it that extra shine.

All of the colours blend like a dream and are so easily buildable. There are some matte shades which have a bit of fall out, but nothing too drastic. Ranch is the most insane highlight shade I’ve every seen, and I love it. Other favourite shades of mine are Food Videos, Iluminatea, Sleep Paralysis and Pig-ment.

I just really love these palettes and I’m so grateful I managed to get my hands on these. I already planned a lot of great looks with them and I can’t wait to play with them more! Shane did a great job designing his collection, and I’m now definitely convinced JSC is one of the best makeup brands out there. I really enjoyed watching the documentary on the creation of this collection, and I can’t wait to see the finale. Let me know what you think of the collection and the documentary. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

The Conspiracy Palette is available at Jeffree Star Cosmetics and their retailers for $52 and the Mini Controversy palette is available for $28.

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