GLOW 2019 Pictures

Since my boyfriend lives in Eindhoven, we always try to visit the events in the city. A couple weeks ago, it was time for GLOW again. It’s a free light festival through the city, where they plan a route for you, which you can walk to see all the amazing projects. It’s a lovely festival to spend an evening on, so I decided to take some pictures and show you how much fun it is. Let’s get into it!

Just squares with pretty lighting

This was an interactive piece, where you would push a button and light dots would fly over to the flowers, to open the flowers up. Because it was on the water, it looked extra pretty.

A giant, spinning discoball
The sunflower field was one of the biggest attractions of this year’s GLOW.
Neon coloured ropes on water just look interesting, I guess?
Project Hypar

This arch of glowing cubes is a project which a friend of mine does the programming for. It’s an interactive arch, which changes colour when you swipe your hand over the control panel. It’s a lot of fun and definitely one of the greater pieces of GLOW.

Some fake clouds which change colours.

And those were my pictures of this year’s GLOW festival! I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!