Tutorial: Five Fun Makeup Looks for Christmas

Since it’s almost Christmas, I thought it would be a great idea to share some makeup ideas for you to wear to your Christmas parties. I have created five fun looks, ranging from simple Christmas glam to editorial ideas. So if you still need to figure out how you’re gonna do your makeup this Christmas, keep on reading!

We’ll start with a simple one. For this I did natural base makeup, and applied some concealer over my lid to make it neutral. Then I applied red metallic eyeliner. You could use any red eyeliner, or a red liquid lipstick, for this. I used the Essence Metal Art Lip and Eyeliner in 04 Pink Glam. Then along that eyeliner I applied a white liner, for this I used the Essence Eyeliner Pen Longlasting in 02 White. I then used green and red face paint to draw a cute, little holly in the corner. And that’s it!

The second look is a bit more difficult. We start with some eye primer, just like every look from now on. Then we apply a dark blue eyeshadow in the crease. For this I used Cola from the James Charles palette.

Then I blended a black eyeshadow, Spooky from the same palette, into my crease to deepen the colour. For the sky aspect I applied a shimmery dark blue on top of that, Triton from the Infinite Beauty Moonlight palette.

Then the hard part starts. With concealer I cut my crease in the shape of a half circle, to be the moon. I applied white and yellow eyeshadow on top of that in an uneven fashion (Flashback and Bee from the James Charles palette). Then I used black eyeliner and a small brush to draw trees and Santa’s sleigh with reindeer. I just kinda started drawing and hoping it would look decent. For this I used the Max&More Gel Eyeliner.

To finish the look I used the same white eyeliner as the previous look to dot some stars. On the lower lash line I also blended the blue and black eyeshadow. Then I applied mascara and some black eye pencil to my waterline. And that’s look number two!

Look three is also more of an ‘editorial’ type look. I started by blending a metallic light blue shade into my crease (ES103 from the Max&More 88 Palette). Then I applied a metallic white in the middle of my lid (Ranch from the Conspiracy palette).

Then I used the same white eyeliner to draw a wing and some snowflakes.

And to finish this look I applied the same blue shade to my lower lash line. On my waterline I used a white eyepencil and for my inner corner and browbone highlight I used Ranch again. On my lashes I applied a black mascara (Essence What the Fake! Mascara) and on the tips a blue mascara (Meeki Coloured mascara in 251 Sky Blue).

Then onto a more simple glam look, which is easy to make for anyone. We start by applying a red eyeshadow in the crease (You’re kidding, James Charles palette) and deepening the outer v with a dark brown/red shade (Boutique, James Charles palette). Then I did a half cut crease using concealer and applied white glitter on top of this. On the bottom lash line I applied a dark green and blended that out with a light green (resp. Daddy and Social Blade, James Charles palette). I finished the look with a black wing, some mascara and black eyepencil. Inner corner highlight is Ranch again.

For the final look I did more of a full face look. For the eyes I started with sticking some cute star shaped stickers to my eyes. Then I blended a light brown shade into my crease and onto my brow bone (Shade 14, Revolution Reloaded Velvet Rose) and a darker brown into the crease to deepen it (Shade 13). On the lid I applied a shimmery gold shade (Shade 2). For the lower lash line I used the same two brown shades. Then I took away the stickers to reveal some negative space stars. For inner corner and brow bone highlight I used a light, golden shimmer shade (Shade 11). I also used this shade for full face highlighting. I finished the look with some mascara and a classic red lipstick (Max & More Matte Lipstick in 317 Scarlett Red). And that’s the final look!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and may have gotten some inspiration from it. What is your favourite look? And what are your makeup plans for Christmas? I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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