Review: Essence The Blush and The Highlighter

Some time ago I won a giveaway box filled with essence products. Two of those products were The Blush and The Highlighter. Since I’ve never tried any of these blush and highlighter lines by essence, I was very curious to try these products out. I have only received one shade of each, so I can’t speak for the entire product line, but I do want to share my opinions on these two products. So let’s get into it!

Pictured are the blush and the highlighter.

From the Highlighter line I received the colour 20 Hypnotic and from the Blush line I received the colour 20 Bespoke. In the Highlighter line there is one more colour, and the Blush line has six shades. I love the packaging of these lines. It’s simple, but pretty. It’s clear which product and which shade you’re grabbing, which is always useful. They are simple pans, which also makes them easy to use. There’s not much more to say about them, other than that the packaging is perfectly fine.

Pictured are the blush and the highlighter opened.

What I also like about these products is the print in the pan. The name of the product is pressed into the product. I really like that detail, it makes the product feel and look a tad more professional and expensive. As I said, the Blush comes in six different shades. This shade, 20 Bespoke, is a bit of a brown shimmery shade. The other shades are mostly pink and peachy shades, so this brown one is definitely unique. The thing is that I don’t really like brown blushes. I just prefer pinkish shades for my skintone. But that’s just personal preference. The Highlighter range comes in two different shades. This one, 20 Hypnotic, has more of a yellow/goldish tone while the other is more pink toned. I quite like this shade. Gold toned highlighters can go with almost any look, but they look the best with warm toned looks. I quite like this colour and I think it’s a really usable shade.

Visible are swatches of the highlighter and blush on an arm.

Let’s talk about these swatches. Both products aren’t highly pigmented, but I don’t think that is necessary for these type of products. Blush shouldn’t be too pigmented, but it should be easily buildable, so you can create your own nice gradient of blush without immediately looking like a clown. Same for highlighter. Some people don’t want to shine like a diamond, but a highlighter should be buildable to reach that kind of level. I can say with confidence that both this blush and highlighter are nicely buildable to use as you please. The highlighter gives a lovely shine with a golden undertone. The blush gives a nice brown colour, as expected. I still stand by my opinion that brown blushes don’t look good on me. I still prefer pink toned ones. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a good blush. It also gives a nice shimmer, which adds to the look. It makes you look subtly glowy and a lot more healthy without having to use a highlighter. You can then use the highlighter to make your look a bit more extra and polished. I really like these products, and I might just go out and get the Blush in a shade that does fit me.

In conclusion, these are very easy to use products. Both the Highlighter and the Blush give a subtle look, but are still easily buildable towards a bit more extreme look. If you’re looking for a basic in your makeup collection, these are great options. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

Essence The Blush and The Highlighter are available online and in drugstores for €2.59 a piece.

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