Tutorial: Colourful Eyelook Using the Revolution Reloaded Passion for Colour Palette

Since finals are finally over and I had some time off, I finally had some time to actually play with makeup again. Last black friday I got the Revolution Reloaded Passion for Colour palette, among other things, but I haven’t used it until now. It’s a palette filled with fun shimmery colours, but on its own it can be a tough palette to create a look with. So I challenged myself and created a look with just this palette. And today I’m showing you how I did this, to hopefully inspire you and help you with creating looks with this palette or your own challenging palettes. Let’s get into it!

Let me start with some quick swatches of the palette, so you know what colours I’m working with. It’s a really fun palette with lots of colourful shimmers and two orangey mattes. Because there are so many shimmers, it’s tough to create a look with just this palette. You would more easily grab this one if you’re looking for good colour toppers to finish your look with. So, you can probably understand that this was gonna be a challenge.

I decided to make it as easy as possible for myself, starting with one of the two matte shades in the crease, blending outwards. This is the lightest shade of the two, shade 10. The easiest thing to do is start with these mattes and find colours that work with those.

Now I’m taking the darker matte shade, shade 4, and blending it into the crease and outer corner of the lid. Just to darken this look up a bit.

Now comes the tough part of finding shades to fit with the orange. However, I wanted to do something more colourful as well, and not just orange/gold shades. So I went for a bright pink, because that’s the most logical option, right? Haha. I first did a half cut crease using concealer and then I applied the pink shade, shade 8, into the inner corner of the lid.

Now I had to blend this pink into the orange, so I chose some colours in between to keep it colourful. I chose a nice purple and a reddish brown. First I applied the purple shade in the middle of the lid, shade 13, and then the maroon shade, shade 12, into the middle/outer corner, blending everything together.

Next I needed to pull everything together by applying shades to the lower lashline. For this I first applied the darkest purple shade, shade 15, with a thin brush as close to the lash line as possible. I blended this outward with the previous purple shade and then further outwards with the bright pink shade. To make everything consistent I blended it outwards one more time using the light, orange, matte shade with which I started.

Now there’s only two steps left: highlighting and mascara. So for the inner corner and brow bone highlight I used the light pink shade, shade 6. This one is so sparkly! And to finish the look, I applied the Essence What the Fake! Mascara. This is my current favourite, you can find a full on review on it here.

And that’s the entire look! I think it turned out great, even with such a challenging palette. I hope this inspires you to try something different and play with your difficult palettes as well, because you might never know if it turns out good. This might as well have turned out terrible, but this time it resulted in something cute. So just try things, experiment, and you might discover new looks or new shades. That’s the fun of makeup! I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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