My Trip to Berlin

This past Christmas break I had the lovely opportunity of traveling to Berlin with my boyfriend and his family. They planned this trip and I was very grateful to tag along, since I’ve never been to this beautiful city. This city tells a lot of important stories, but I was also very excited to visit the amazing Christmas markets the Germans are known for. We traveled by train, which is super easy from where we live in the Netherlands, and we stayed for four days. Of course I brought my trusty camera with me and today I want to show you some pictures that I took of the places that I visited. Let’s get into it!

I’ll start with the first thing that I saw in Berlin, which was our hotel. It was absolutely beautiful! This picture shows the entrance of the building, including the old elevator, which I was too scared of to use haha.

The Gedächtnis Kirche

The first thing we actually visited was the Gedächtnis Kirche and the accompanying Christmas market. This church is so special, being all broken down from the war. It’s a weird sight, but it’s a great way to remember the past events.

Just some Christmas decorations I’ve found while shopping at Bikini Berlin
The Berlin Wall…

And of course we had to visit the Berlin Wall, since that’s the most famous thing about this country. And it was a weird experience to me. It’s just so odd how such a thin, concrete thing could have such an impact on a community. For some reason you expect a kind of Chinese wall type of wall, but it is definitely not like that. It was very impressive however. This entire city was impressive.

The hallway in our hotel, I definitely got some spooky vibes here…

This picture actually shows three things. My boyfriend pointed out we had a great view of the World Clock, the Fernsehturm and the Berlin tram, so I just had to take a picture which showed all three. I like the kind of modernity of the city, while it doesn’t overshadow the older parts. All my pictures are kind of gloomy by the way, I know. It was mid winter and not sunny at all, but I do like the vibe it gives to some of the pictures. Oh well, you can’t change the weather.

Another view of the Berlin Wall with the beautiful paintings on it.
Inside the dome of the Reichstagsgebäude. The building and the dome are beautiful, and the view from here is even better.

And last, but not least, I have a picture of the Brandenburger Tor at night. It was so cool seeing this, since I have always loved the architecture of this building. If you’re wondering why there’s a Star of David pictured on the Tor, it’s because there was a big Hanukkah celebration going on in front of the Tor. It was so fun to see, and I think it’s so cool that this Jewish holiday can be celebrated so openly in Berlin now.

And that’s about it in the picture department. We visited a lot more places in Berlin and we also went shopping a lot and ate a lot of good food on the Christmas markets, but maybe I’ll tell you about that another time. I’ve had an amazing holiday and I’m so grateful that I got to come with. I hope you enjoyed this little picture log. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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